What happened last night?

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Hi Katzen - hope that you're OK. Will you be seeing your doctor today? Can you please let us know how you are? x
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
Doesn't really sound like sleep deprivation to me, or caffeine deprivation either tho?

If you're sure you didn't take, or weren't slipped, any meds like ambien, for us reading it's really quite scary.

I would see your Dr as soon as you're able.

It actually is possible I took a sinus pill that often makes me drowsy, esp if taken at night, but doubt I took one as I always have to use a butter knife to pry off the child-proof cap and then end up leaving the knife and bottle on the kitchen counter until I tidy up the kitchen when I do dishes at dinnertime.... but with only me here I didn’t do dishes or tidy up yesterday and only bottle I left on the counter was my hormone pills.

But my caffeine addiction has proven harder to quit than alcohol... that’s been with me since I was a child. Back in college I started to use No-Doz in increasing amounts (better than drinking loads of soda less bathroom breaks) and would get the shakes and couldn’t write well (back when we still used paper and pen) or concentrate without it, but managed to cut back after graduating though still have to have some to keep me going throughout the day.

My entire life I’ve had a very poor concept of time... I’d think 5 minutes had passed when it was 5 hours or vice versa, did something I tried to remember happen yesterday or last month? Sleep deprivation is also familiar to me, alcohol used to help me sleep but since I quit my job a few years ago and quit alcohol recently I’d often stay up all night and be up 36+ hours binge watching tv shows “just one more episode”....
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Dee74 (06-11-2018)
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Originally Posted by argillaceous View Post
I'm chiming in for the 911 call, especially since you've had another memory loss episode. If that still doesn't seem to be an option for you, does your insurance company have a 24-hour nurse hotline? Many of them do. I just searched for "24-hour nurse hotline" and found at least six.

I also found an article from the Dr. Oz show that said that one hotline will answer questions even if you don't have insurance. (I'm not a big Dr. Oz fan but the article I've excerpted below seems to be an informative one):

How to Contact the 24-Hour Nurse Helpline
Posted 12/13/17

The Nurses On-Call helpline is a service available under most insurance plans, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Novant Health, Remsa, and United. It is a health advice and physician referral service line provided by the HCA Midwest Health Research Medical Center and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. To access this service, dial (816) 276-6405. You can place a call for free and speak to a professional nurse about:

• Any symptoms you may have
• Local physical and hospital resources
• Medications and side effects
• Reliable self-care home treatments
• Self-help and support groups
• Wellness information
• When to go to your doctor

A nurse can help answer any questions you may have that can save you a trip to the doctor's office. He or she may also help you identify if you are experiencing an emergency and direct you to the emergency room closest to you.

For individuals without insurance or payment information, the HCA Midwest Health Research Medical Center will still answer your call. Nurses can only address callers from states in which they are licensed. If you call from a state that does not have a licensed nurse available, the medical center will connect you to another medical center that can address your call.

I hope this helps. And please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing.
Thanks for the info, my health insurance does have a 24/7 helpline but I know what always happens when I call... the nurse asks me loads of questions, say they’ll pass my info on to a doctor who will call me back... when the dr calls, sometimes hours later, always asks me the same questions and if their hospital is closed tell me to go to the nearest ER. Once had the hiccups that lasted several hours (I wasn’t even drinking in excess back then), home remedies found online weren’t working, was told if I’m concerned (more annoyed than concerned) go to the ER. Ummm... nope. Not paying $100 copay for ER visit for hiccups, thanks for the medical info, Doctor.

Copied pasted the info you posted to an email to myself, will print it out in the morning, thanks again!
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Dee74 (06-11-2018)
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I would get some professional medical advice as soon as possible.

It doesn't sound like sleep deprivation. It sounds like you slept late and had another memory loss episode, thus forgetting you was awake all night.

Have you started any new medications recently or increased any doses of medications? Check the leaflet for possible memory loss side effects.

Visit your doctor. Call them now and get yourself seen.
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