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Good News

Thought I'd share some good news.

I had my home inspection last Friday, the buyer submitted an amendment to the offer and it's not bad at all. I accepted it right away. Probably less than $700 bucks worth of stuff to fix up and a bit of coordination on my end and it's done. So... assuming there's no crazy left field surprises I think I'm going to have my house sold in 30-45 days. My realtor seems to think that if there were any potential problems with the buyer's financing we'd know by now... and the fact that the buyer is pre-approved through a local bank makes it that much easier to deal with.

To be honest I decided to share this as much for me as anything. I was a little surprised I didn't feel any immediate relief.

(Incoming self pity alert.) The stress has been crazy. My nerves are shot. Saturday was a tough day. This morning was a tough morning. Even when I got the news a few hours ago I found I was having a hard time quelling the anxiety. It's as though I don't want to let myself believe that this very big part of my cleaning up the mess could actually work out so well. Like I'm afraid some rug is going to get pulled out from under me.

Once this is done it's just a matter of dealing with the sentencing that's coming later this summer. After that 99% of the uncertainty and immediate damage is done and I can get on with living again.

The house issue is a huge huge deal. It looks like I'll avoid foreclosure & possible bankruptcy. In fact, getting this done sets me up to be debt free in a little less than 12 months. Which... is just crazy for me to think about. That's part of what's made it so stressful - the wide range of impact. I've been walking around for 3 months thinking I'm either going to be nearly debt free and as financially sound as I've ever been or I'm going to be looking at a foreclosure and possible bankruptcy. Ugh.

When this goes through it means that after I am done with the legal issues I'll be free to basically do what I want, go where I want. This whole process is changing me in a big way. I'm grateful that it looks like I'll have the ability to choose how and where I land when it's done.

So much change in the last 90 days... my nerves are really shot at the moment. But I'm grateful. Not quite relieved yet. But that'll come eventually I hope.

Anywho. Thanks for letting me share.

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lessgravity (06-04-2018)
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My man, this was a great post to read. I'm very happy for you. I do not believe in fate, HP, karma or any of those related items - though I do not chastise those who do - that said, wowza, I think your sobriety and it's adherent ability to see and think clearly has so much to do with where you are your perspective going forward.

An inspiration to see. Think you'll maintain this sober strength even when things go the other way, as they will for us all.

Good work, keep us updated.
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I'm glad that things worked out with selling the house, Buckley. I hope you can relax a bit and continue to focus on your recovery.
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

Marianne Williamson
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