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The world goes on without you

When you stop drinking, the world goes on. Bachelorette parties will happen, birthday parties, 4th of July, etc. People in bars all over the world will still be drinking and getting drunk. People, and loved ones, may even start drinking in front of you.

It's not easy to see this, especially in early sobriety. I try to remind myself that I would not want to have a glass or two of wine with the girls- I wanted to get hammered on cheap vodka, alone in my apartment, until I blacked out. At the end I did not and could not engage in social drinking.

It can sometimes feel extremely isolating to be around people who aren't sober, who don't get it. Thank god for this online community and for AA.
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I live in a condo building. There are no balconies but there is a large sun-deck that all tenants share and can be used for social gatherings. I walked out on it yesterday and there was a large gathering about 20 people, drinking and eating. I turned around and left and thought to myself how much I miss that. However, then I thought about how I would drink as much as I could at that gathering and when it finished, I would go home and drink all night alone until I passed out.
Do not judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.
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Ha, I just responded to another of your threads - perhaps we are on the same wavelength.

For me it's missing what never was - I never was that kind of responsible, fun, normal drinker. My wife is like that - she would never think to ever have a drink alone, often leaves half a glass at a restaurant, etcetc.

So when I see others drinking I find myself with the pang for the booze - but it's bs if I think it's a wish for anything other than oblivion.
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The good news is, those days pass and we come to a point that we can join in the events of the world going on around us and feel just fine being sober - regardless of others’ choices.

Keep doing the work of sobriety and you’ll get there.
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