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Today is day four and it feels both a very short and a very long time has passed; too short to feel congratulatory and too boring for it to have passed swiftly. The days are fine, but after 5 it seems that the clocks slow down. By 8 o'clock it is ridiculous. What do other people who have quit drinking do with all this time?
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Welcome to SR Eris🙂 I used to go for a walk in the evenings (whenever really) and still do when the mood takes me. Some TV helped and Iíd also mess around with my laptop. I found the first week was the worst and then it got easier bit by bit.

Oh, reading and posting on SR everyday was really important! Canít believe I nearly forgot that.
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Hi eris23,

Well done on 4 days sober. Just do anything to take your mind off drinking. Clean the house/ car, do some gardening or reading or whatever you like doing or try something new. Just do something so you donít get bored and start thinking about drinking.
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"What do other people who have quit drinking do with all this time?"

Everything I neglected for so long!
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Hi and welcome Eris

I felt that way too in the beginning. I realised I was still doing the same things I'd do when I was drinking - but sitting on the couch channel surfing didn't cut it for sober me

Change your routine - go for walk, exercises, take up a hobby, call someone on the phone.

and, as weird as it sounds - cherish this abundance of time and make use of it.

If you;re like most of us, all too soon you'll find there's not enough hours in the day

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Before my recent relapse, one noteworthy benefit was that time became normal rather than dragging as it does in early recovery. Before you know it, Eris, the time will have gone by, as Dee says.
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eris23, I had the same feeling.

You won't feel the hours stretching on when you begin to fill them -- which you should do as soon as possible.

When I had 4 days, it was pretty much fill the time here and at AA meetings. Showers, running... talking to people I was never friendly with before.

There's some experimentation before you find out what you like to do with your life. Congratulations on beginning to have one!
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Originally Posted by courage2 View Post
... talking to people I was never friendly with before.

There's some experimentation before you find out what you like to do with your life. Congratulations on beginning to have one!
I couldn't agree more: New Life = A new found interest in people and things you never thought you'd be interested in.
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I too, find the 5-8pm timeframe hard to manage.

I honestly try to schedule my kids activities, or outings when I know I need to drive. I am good about not drinking if I know I need to be the driver with my kids or other kids in the car.

You could sign up for a class of some kind - cooking, art, computers etc. I don't know where you live, but many local colleges have classes available that aren't too strenuous, but would occupy you and also allow opportunity to meet others with similar interest?

Gym or Yoga? Sign up for a trainer, or a class that takes place around this timeframe.
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In the early days I consumed any/all information I could about alcoholism. Read a lot here, posted a lot (including a lot of whining likely...). In short, I obsessed about learning whatever I could about alcoholism and recovery. Knowledge is power.

Also watched a lot of YouTube vids - specifically a fair number of AA speakers, Chris R. and Bob D. were my favs.

After a week or so I started getting energy to put a plan together and start confronting some of the wreckage I'd created for myself. Momentum built from there...

These days (coming up to 90) I find I can read a good book for hours (something I haven't been able to do) and I also find some enjoyment in taking care of myself and my home - via stretching, yoga, cleaning, etc..

I'm at a stage now where I'll be using AA as a means to slowly start working on building some relationships that I suspect will help with idle time too. By the time I reached bottom I'd isolated pretty badly.

Best to you-

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I am new here too and on day 2! I will follow this thread to see what others have replied to help me prepare.
All the best
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Last time I had a couple weeks without a drink, around Easter, I picked up a book one day and read half of it. Then I put the book down, started drinking again, and the book stayed down.

A few days ago I picked up the book and finished it. Then I started two more.

Reading while drinking never worked for me, and although I love reading, I chose drinking over reading every time.
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