Sometimes I want to drink while I知 out, but...

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Sometimes I want to drink while I知 out, but...

Sometimes I want to drink while I’m out, but I’m out because I’m not drinking! I used to isolate a lot and when I got out it often involved alcohol. Now I’m out all the time enjoying nature, exercising, seeing live music, truly living and savoring every sober moment.

I will not drink and fall back to into that old life. THAT IS ALL.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the SR Moms!
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Likewise. The only reason I went out was too change the scenery on where I drank.

I went out too drink, and nothing more.

Now iam testing being out sober , it's definitely do-able and a completely different experience.

And you really have to get used to it being such a different experience sober.

Tbh Iam just glad I can drive now to my nights out! Instead of train or taxi.
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Yes, being able to drive anywhere at anytime is huge. Coming back from a concert on Friday night there were a bunch of cars that couldn’t stay in their lane and a couple with their headlights off - dangerous.
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Have a sober buddy, pal, friend to hang
with for that little extra support in recovery
where you both have this one huge factor
in common to keep you both vigilant and
on top of your recovery life and program.

We are meant to have fun in life while
living a recovery, sober life, always keeping
in mind what's most important and at the top
of the list.

That is your recovery foundation, built
strong and solid, day by day, continuous,
to enjoy all that life has to offer and be
grateful for.

I too love music, the whole Sturgis
vibe thing going on as an example ,
however, for me and my life, my recovery,
i don't place myself smack dab in the
middle of the whole drinking scene.

I know there is a whole lotta drinking,
loudness, craziness etc happening at
that kind of event, yet, Sturgis to us is
more than just that.

We enjoy being in the mist of all those
awesome motorcycles, seeing so many
riding up and down those long hills, etc.,
the sights and sounds sober. Just us and
the road. If any of that scenario makes


To always remember that alcohol
never worked before and it sure wont
work now or ever. And the longer we remain
sober and hear from those who had
a taste of sobriety and decided to go
out and test the waters to only report
back to us that they made a HUGE mistake
and realized that it didn't work, confirms
to me that alcohol still aint working and
that I don't have to go back out to find out

You know what I mean?

Stay true, honest and responsible
for your own recovery life.
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Thank you aasharon, I absolutely know what you mean. Although there is a lot of drinking going on at live music events, it doesn't bother me as I focus on the music. With out the music, being around drunks gets annoying pretty quickly.
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