Day 1

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Day 1

I stopped drinking for 7 months but now it's back with full force, I buy 2 beers then end up buying more and more,I need to sort this out as I'm killing myself and hurting the people who care about me, anyone else on day 1 we can do this!
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welcome dangry and congrats on day one

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Thank you Dee, this is my first time on any group forum, thought it might help me to overcome this awful addiction
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Welcome Dangry. I am some way off day one, but I remember well that loss of control once I started to drink. I usually only wanted to have one or two, just enough to get that comfortable glow two or three drinks used to give me, but I always overshot the mark. It was a real beach ending up hurting someone when all I really wanted to do was have a good time.

The answer seemed obvious. Just don’t drink. If you don’t have the first one, then you can’t get drunk. Makes perfect sense to anyone except a real alcoholic. That was my second problem. No matter how often I got my fingers burnt, how much I wanted to stop, I found myself drinking, sometimes within hours of making the most sincere decision to never touch another drop. I seemed unable to stay away from the fatal first drink. So the cycle just kept repeating. All the time getting worse.

I did find a solution near the end, one that gave me a 24/7 defense against the fatal first drink. It took a bit of work, and I had to do some th8ngs I didn’t really want to do, but being at deaths door does tend to open the mind a bit.
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Wow thank you, I know I'm not the only person with this problem, but hearing other people's stories and advice really helps,and I think your right that zero alcohol is the only way for my situation
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Welcome Dangry and congrats on day1, I hope you stay with us on SR. I had the same issue with never being able to limit my drinks and also would revolve my life around where I could get more. There is a plethora of experience on here and articles/threads. Sober life is the best life
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IV just had a honest talk with my lovely wife and opened up about how I'm feeling , I hide some of my drinking from her and I feel more confident now she knows what's been going on, I will stay on SR , I think IV been lucky to find this group 😀
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Hi Dangry and welcome to the family. There is a thread called Class of May 2018 you could join where there are lots of people starting off their new sober lifes this month, we all share similar struggles and they are a great mad crazy bunch of people who understand and support each other and share a lot of wisdom too.

Best of luck and well done for taking that first step, you won't regret it! x
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I am also on day 1. We can do this 😊
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Good luck esymarieb
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Welcome Dangry, we're with you on this.
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Welcome Dangry. Congratulations on declaring a Day 1. I'm not far behind you, being on Day 3 after a brief relapse. There's several of us struggling with under 5 days, so you'll have company. Also, there's many folks here with many years of cumulative sobriety. Folks here are a wealth of wisdom, understanding and compassion. Stay close to SR. It will help. You can do this. Rooting for you.
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Welcome, keep posting. Prayers and support to you.
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