Day 2 Problems

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Day 2 Problems

Day 2 here, been having withdrawals tonight in the form of anxiety and to make it worse just had an hour long argument with my girlfriend. She proceeded to tell me everything that is wrong with our relationship. Now I have gone from anxiety to a deeply depressed state, just numb.
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Wanted to add, still not drinking tonight.
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The first few days are the worst. Once you get past that, it gets better.

I'm sorry you're feeling depressed.
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Not the greatest moment for a dressing-down, it’s true, but then: life is no respecter of sobriety. But then again, sobriety makes dealing with the kind of everyday challenges life presents much easier over time, and its effect is intensified when the going really gets tough. Hang on in there. You’re doing well, not least because you’ve just overcome your first bump in the road without recourse to drinking. And you’d do well to remember that fact, because if you can do it once, you can do it again (and again and again...). Best to you and keep coming back to visit!
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Google AA meetings and get yourself to one ASAP. Don't make the dumb decision to drink again.
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I can imagine what was said. I had a great fear (anxiety) of being found out. Terrified that someone would read me my pedigree, confront me with more of the whole sorry mess than I was willing to acknowledge. When they did hit me with the truth, I immediately sank into a morass of self pity (depression).

The sad fact was they were right, and so far I had been unable to do anything about changing my behavior. Every attempt had failed. I didn’t intend my life to work out this way, it wasn’t my plan, I certainly did not intend to hurt the people around me. So there I was, defeated, poor me.

There was a solution, one I had refused to take in the past because I hung on to the delusion that, given the right circumstances, I could fix this my self. I could not, and when that truth became painfully obvious, I became willing to get off my backside and take some action. I called AA one Sunday morning, got to talk to a recovered alcoholic for a few hours that afternoon, and was set on the road to recovery.

That,s your choice now. Wallow in self pity, or take the action that will solve the problem.
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Sorry to hear your having a rough time SWB, but glad to hear you haven't immedieately turned to drink. Keep strong, this situation will seem much worse if you have a drink and it will stop you from being able to take any positive steps you might need to sort things out with her.

Just take it an hour at a time today, be kind to yourself and keep close and if the urges get too strong post here first before taking any action, we are here for you x
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You did great not turning to the drink, SWB. That was a big hurdle coping with that. Hang in there.....
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I was a Binger so I had 2 to 10 day stretches for years. They tell me binging does more brain damage than mx drinking.

Might explain why I took so long to get this well.


I have had triggers like that for the longest. They got easier to deal w but have yet to go away.

Someone here just wrote about a relapse they regret. It helped strengthen me.

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