My life sucks

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My life sucks

I decided to write this because it's something that I came across on the internet and it's something that has inspired me to stop.

I wrote it done and it was really good so I'll write it here too.

I think the title was like ten things not to do if you don't want to destroy your life:

(or for me, things to get your life under control)

1. Stop trying to make everybody happy (ie stop people pleasing)

2. Not speaking up (ie you have to be assertive and stand up for yourself)

3. Avoiding things uncomfortable (ie quitting this obsession with wine is uncomfortable)

4. Waiting for things to happen (my life is passing my by, nobody is going to give me what I want. I have to act)

5. hanging out with losers (this one hit home, if I'm going to change and discover a better life I need to find better people)

6. do destructive things (this means smoking, doing drugs, alcohol, dirty hookers, these things I'll have to pay for dearly later)

7. not taking care of your body (I stopped doing sport and eating right)

8. not taking care of yourself emotionally (riding myself of toxic relationshipts and findind support. yes support.)

9. not stopping to appreciate where I'm at now (yes showing gratitude and being aware of some progress I've made)

10. not forgiving yourself (I'm so pissed at me for doing stupid things)

again this is not my list but it inspired me to stop destroying my life
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welcome to SR Barnabas

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Thank you for sharing, Barnabas.
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Life feels good when we let it. Glad you joined us and are working towards a new beginning!
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Good post Barnabas. I hope you have decided to declare today your Day 1. Rooting for you!.
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