Scared to Buy Alcohol?

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Question Scared to Buy Alcohol?

So yesterday on day 37 towards the evening around 5:30 my AV kicked in. I started telling myself that I would get some alcohol when I run out to grab some dinner and some cigarettes. I told myself I would get just a half pint of Whiskey preferably or maybe Vodka. I told myself I was definitely doing this and was going to drink that little 200ml half pint just to relax and enjoy my evening. I told myself its been long enough and one time after so long without definitely won't hurt. So off to Wendy's to grab some grub I go around 7:00 pm. Leaving there I of coarse needed to grab some smokes and thats where Ill get my little fix as well. So determined I was doing this and having this drink tonight even all the way into the store up to the counter. Then something strange happened. I ask the cashier for my pack of smokes while staring at the bottles of booze behind the counter and at that moment I just didn't ask for any alcohol. It was almost like I was afraid to buy some. Grabbed my smokes and left. Now I'm living in a house where alcohol is in abundance and I can sneak some or as much as I want if I wanted to. I don't know what came over me yesterday but I'm glad whatever it was did and that I didn't give in to my AV and have that drink. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!
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Great job Adapter!
The thing is that it isn't a done deal until the poison has passed your lips. You have made a very important step by having the presence of mind to think rationally when perhaps in the past you acted on an impulse. This will straighten your sober muscles
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Good for you. Letís face it alcohol is every where. Fighting the urges will get easier as time goes on. Keep fighting my friend
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I had to stop by a bar to get a colleagueís card as I had lost the one he gave me. Went in, had a club soda, for his card, had a few words then left. Had no desire to drink. Well, I did, but I want to be sober more than I want to drink.
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Originally Posted by Horn95 View Post
I want to be sober more than I want to drink.
This is it for me. Simple really.
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Hi lessgravity

Really pleased you did not drink. I have experienced in the past going through months sober and it's like a switch goes off in my brain saying I will drink today and nothing will stop me. I hope that I can be like you and not givein to that impulse and the AV. I am 2 days sober today but I am drinking alcohol free beer I find this does help me. Stay strong 💪
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