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mdrnism 03-28-2018 11:39 AM

Hi Everyone,

I'm on Day 66 of sobriety and I've used this website for research several times (especially my first 30 days) but I thought I would officially join and introduce myself! I know everyone has a different journey in sobriety but I tried to quit before - using self-will, psychiatrists, and a cognitive behavioral therapy program - and nothing stuck or even felt like it really would until 66 days ago when I walked into my first AA meeting. I'm really happy I'm sober today!

Best wishes! :tyou

Upstairs 03-28-2018 11:45 AM

Good for you! And congrats on your 66 day milestone!

SoberLeigh 03-28-2018 11:47 AM

Welcome to the posting side of SR, mdrnism; very nice to meet you.

A huge congratulations on 66 days of sobriety! Well done.

Anna 03-28-2018 11:50 AM

Welcome! 66 days is terrific!

Ghostlight1 03-28-2018 02:26 PM

sixty six days is awesome, AA is awesome and YOU are awesome.
Congratulations and welcome to the forums. It's great to have you here.

Hevyn 03-28-2018 02:32 PM

Great to have you join us, mdrmism. 66 days is fabulous. Congratulations! :)

Rar 03-28-2018 03:05 PM

Very nice to meet you. Congratulations on your 66 days! That's awesome time! :You_Rock_

BreezyFe 03-28-2018 03:11 PM

Congrats on 66 & Welcome!!!

Dee74 03-28-2018 06:08 PM

welcome to SR mdrnism :)

MythOfSisyphus 03-29-2018 02:03 AM

Welcome to SR! I'm glad you found us here.

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