Day 4 for the 100th time

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Day 4 for the 100th time

Back at day 4. Just wanted to wish everyone a sober night.
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What's been causing you to drink on the 4th day?
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good to see you back Toni

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I had many, many day 4's and then one day it 'stuck' - keep going and it will for you too. You never have to go through the dreaded days 1-5 again
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Welcome back Toni,

You can do it. Don't give up and keep coming back.
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Welcome back Toni. I've had a few Day 4s myself. Keep it going and you will never have to go through this again. You can do this.
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Glad youíre back Toni!
Day four was about as far as I could go for the last ten years. One time I went a month, one time 16 days. Thatís since 2008. I had countless day ones and seemed to fail on day four over and over again. It was feb 2017 the last time I even made it to a day four. I think that was the time my body started to feel better and my brain somehow convinced me my drunken life wasnít that bad.
Today I have 34 days, and with the help of SR and AA, I feel the will to keep going one day at a time.
You got this! I believe in you.
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glad ya made it back again. about a month ago ya typed:
I need to come up with a plan.

ya know, theres not much any of us can do here to help if ya type and run, then start another thread AFTER drinking.

might want to make part of your plan type BEFORE ya drink
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100 day 4s = 400 days sober

You can do it!
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I've had a lot of fits and starts too and I don't have too much time under my belt (but a lot more than I have had before),

It is hard. And I think this might be the wrong motivation for a person to get sober, but I got so afraid of dying of alcoholism or alcohol related diseases. I lost a good friend to it last year and he was 44. I also didn't and don't want my daughter growing up with a mom who passes out from drinking at 7 pm every night. Plus, while my anxiety isn't gone, it was FAR worse when I was drinking. I was afraid to go to the doctor in case there was something wrong with my liver and I also wanted to go to the doctor in the hopes of finding out there was nothing wrong with my liver so I could keep drinking. Oh the insanity!!!

I know I am too new to be offering advice but I hope you keep trying and don't give up.
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Welcome back, toni! So very good to see you!
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