Epilogue to "I've got some bad news".

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Epilogue to "I've got some bad news".

First, I want to thank everyone. You guys kinda brought me back to life after what was kind of a rough visit.

Now onto the meat of the matter and I'm going to vent here a bit. The clinic I go to has lost all of its experienced doctors, the current staff there is fresh out of med school, some aren't even MD's, they are PA's. I am pretty stubborn when it comes to my body and my health. After all its mine, and its the only one I have. So I don't like being pressured into taking more medications, taking vaccines and so on. But these kids think the doctors office is a court room and they are the judge and I'm a defendant. Its ridiculous. I'm there voluntarily and I don't HAVE to do anything. So, I'm on 10mg of Paxil and have been forever. Each time I go in I have to fill out this depression questionaire. I'm sure it is very valuable to some but its rather silly to me. So in protest instead of answering each question individually (scale of 1-5), I just made one long circle from the top of the page to the bottom selecting #1 for every single question. So, with that in mind (stay with me here, I'll pull this together for you), on my visit the other day my BP was elevated by about 10 points and I got the news about my kidneys. Both concerning to me. Yet I get a letter stating the doctor wants to see me to talk to me specifically about my DEPRESSION. what!!?? The word depression was never even uttered in the entire visit. I must have tripped a trigger on the stupid worksheet. Damn, the medical industry is facing some serious challenges and if you are in the industry, you certainly have my blessings. But this little ditty has got my dander up. Oh, and no mention whatsoever on the BP or kidney readings.

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That sounds very frustrating, Jeff.

Perhaps you could reiterate your BP and kidney concerns when you speak with them the medical staff.
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I dunno what to tell you, Jeff.

Maybe try find a doctor you can trust/have a respect for?

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I am sorry to hear of this and of course it is frustrating.

Our western medicine is questionable and for the most part I stay away unless its an emergency.

I do hope you can get more beneficial news about your kidneys as I dont think the "depression" is anything that should be focused on right now.
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Every time I go to my gp doctor, they ask the same questions. One day I said, "You asked me that the last several times", to which the nurse replied, "We have a protocol to follow and have to ask them". I'm sorry you're going through such a frustrating time Thomas.
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Hey buddy. Reading your post you do sound a bit tense, and frustrated. Putting a large circle on the questionnaire is going to hint to the doctor there are issues going on. I'd take him/her up on the invitation and go have a chat. Tell them exactly what you told us here.

I had a new doctor recently (an old guy). I explained my anxiety was getting so bad. The response was "Oh try CBT". He doesn't realise I've done it. He didn't know I have autism. And he didn't know I've had these issues since childhood.

I feel your pain. Its frustrating repeating everything over and over and over. I thought they had all this stuff on the computers lol? It makes me mad to the point I want to just scream. But, I can't do that. People would think I'm nuts.

I wish you the best buddy.
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I can sympathise. I rarely visit my docs but they always start with "How's the not smoking going?" I quit in October 1988..
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I think it comes down to a generational difference. When I was her age our medical system was entirely different. Doctors made house calls! So it is up to me to find someone I'm more comfortable with. And I will.
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Yeah, the health care industry is definitely going through some big changes and I've found I really have to stand my ground with them and keep pushing for what *I* want.

Those questionnaires are so silly. I've filled them out for thirty years and no one has ever asked about any of the stuff on there. It's just paper-wasting in my experience. Then if I do mention any little thing - like being anxious - they try to prescribe six pills.

No, thanks. I've done your pills and they have too many side-effects. I'm trying, "The way I was born," now. Works just as well.

Good thoughts coming for your kidney thing.
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I could see peace instead of this
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You have my sympathy regarding doctors. I know there are some good ones out there somewhere, it's just a matter of finding one.

I wish you strength and peace through this challenge you're having.
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I remember going to the doctor about my pimples once and got made to fill out the depression questionaire. My answer was no mate, I'm 30 years old can you refer me to a dermatologist as the tablets you prescribed are not working. They did eventually refer me. Obviously, my mood must have come over as not indicative of depression but a bad attitude.
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You have the right to shop around for a doctor and staff you are comfortable with. That sounds extremely frustrating!
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In some cases the reason for all the questionnaires has to do with insurance reimbursement. The more documentation that can be provided the greater the reimbursement to the facility from the insurance. And in many cases it's flat out required if the facility wants to see a payment from them. As far as the mental health stuff specifically, life situations for people can change for people on a dime, and there's a huge push to raise awareness of mental health issues, and for lots of patients, they simply don't want to discuss that stuff. The questionnaire is a way to broach the subject in a way that is less intimidating for some. But there should still be a better way for everyone. I get tired of filling all that stuff out and answering the same questions all the time as well.
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Hi Jeff, Medicine is definitely changing. Not many med students are opting for primary care, the money is just not there and most grads have HUGE student loans to repay. Thus the increase in mid levels (PA's and NP's). Less salary. I would suggest going to a nephrologist, skipping the internist and GP. Don't know if you need a referral, keep bugging and you will get one.

It may be your clinic has a quality measure regarding mental health this year . Those can change, a big clinic here used LDL under 100 one year, then glucose control next, etc. Most of the big groups have a quality measure, so I'm speculating thats why the follow up on depression.

Best to you, let us know how it goes!
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I'd try and find another Doc office, if you can. I could see myself being a smartass on the sheet and end up being locked away for an evaluation or something.
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I suppose now every doctor visit is viewed as an opportunity to 'upsell' the customer/patient some new drug. Stick to your guns! As you say, it's your body. You have to be an advocate for your own health.
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I feel the same way with our practice or do they call it partnership these days .
Out of the 3 regular docs of about 8-10 years 2 have left and the other is part time and the partnership has joined up with the neighboring village . The personal touch I had with the previous doctors has gone and we are left with either old locums or 25 year old juniors.
I think this upsets me as none of them really know me and about my past drinking and mental issues , yes its in my notes but they don't have time to really get to know the proper history . I think this is why I have been wrongly re-established with diazepam . I of course can rip the scrip up so I must take responsibility for this .
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