You canít predict it...

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You canít predict it...

This is a powerful lesson that Iíve learned over the years: you cannot predict what might happen/how youíll feel tomorrow.

When youíre feeling emotionally raw itís very easy to feel like the negativity will continue; the essence of depressive thinking.

If the least you can do is go to bed feeling crap at the end of the day this is just how it is sometimes. Chances are youíll feel better the following day and positive things will happen which makes you forget how raw you felt the previous day. This is why itís imperative to never pick up that first drink/drug as this is erasing any chance of the next day being positive.

Grateful to be sober, grateful to be an alcolic

Keep the faith
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ďThis is why itís imperative to never pick up that first drink/drug as this is erasing any chance of the next day being positive. ď

I love this, what an excellent post. Thank you!!!!
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Good post brighterday, things never stay at a low ebb continuously.

Fellow SR member MesaMan sums it up with his tagline "Nothing sucks forever"
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Thank you for this valuable reminder!
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Yes, it's so good to remember that feelings are fleeting.
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Just because the road is rough, doesn't mean your destination will be rough. We never know from one day to the next what will happen.

ďLook at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time: Thus is your time on earth filled with glory.Ē
― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
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That's totally what I've been noticing, except for me a lot of times it isn't a matter of today vs. tomorrow but 1 o'clock vs 2 o'clock. I would say that my overall energy has been positive, but when those lows hit, they can be paralyzing. The good thing is that I'm learning that the lows eventually end. It's more a matter of riding them almost feels irrational. Like it's literally a chemical change taking place rather than me reasoning my way into or out of these states.
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That's a great post, brighterday! Thanks for sharing.
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Yes, this is so true!
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Well said.
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