"It's not worth it"

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"It's not worth it"

I got some good advice today that I'd like to pass on to anyone who might need it or like it.

One of the things I used to say on really bad days to convince myself to drink was "screw it" or "why bother, it's not worth it."

The advice was that whenever I am talking about "it" (as in "screw it") to replace the word "it" with the word "me". In reality, when I say "screw it" and grab a drink, I am really saying "screw me". Or when I think "it" isn't worth it, I am really talking about myself. This really struck me because it was a phrase that came out of my mouth a lot and when I did drink, it really was myself who paid the price. And sobriety is slowly teaching me that I am worth it and that things are never so bad that I should just give up.

I am grateful for my sobriety today and for having an excellent support team with lots of wisdom to offer me.
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You are worth it!!!
Great post, I love that way of looking at "screw it"
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Yep. We're worth it, as much as we've tried to convince ourselves otherwise This really puts the defeatist voice in perspective.
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So fantastic!
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A more vulgar form of "screw it" has always been a major part of relapse for me in the past; thank you for the very accurate translation!
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