The judgement of others

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I know exactly how you feel.

I'm also a mother of 2 and as much as I would love to hide my sobriety I can't. I relapsed and well now I have to blow in the machine 3x a day. I know I have people judging me for my mistakes. But I can't let that put me down. I have to work on bettering myself for myself and for my kids.
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As I have written before, everyone knew I was a drunk. Family, friends to include my whole small town. Still live there now. Get a comment here and there, but mostly everyone has been polite (to my face) and amazed to see me walking steady and not slurring my words. I don't have to be that thing anymore. Funny, stumbling and pathetic.
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I told people that I'm trying to live healthily, because I want to live as long as possible for my kids. I wouldn't want to drink around kids, and especially wouldn't want to be drunk around them. I'm also saving money by not drinking. I can spend that money on a family holiday or something.

All my family and friends now know I don't drink, and no one minds at all because I'm doing something positive.

Good luck!
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For right now, I say tell them what is comfortable for you, but beware of weaving a web of lies, which can be much worse than being upfront.

For me, I was also embarrassed at first, I felt like people were watching or judging me (I learned later they weren't). For the first year I told people I stopped drinking to focus on parenting (I had a newborn at home), it was enough of the truth it usually never went past that.

These days (3 years later), I'm proud to rock the fact I don't drink. I feel like I have this put-together on-top-of-everything identity, and I credit it to not drinking. In my experience, most people do not care if you drink or why you're not drinking (it's all in your head).

But it did take a year or so to become comfortable in my own skin and not feel like I had to make excuses for not drinking.

Good for you and keep it up :-)
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When I quit I felt I owed peiople an explanation so I had this big long essay ready that made peoples eyes glaze over....

truth was no one was that interested

'No thanks I don't drink' work great for anyone new I meet - otherwise 'I don't drink anymore....I prefer being healthy' is all anyone outside of your inner circle needs to know

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I've had these same thoughts. I don't plan on telling anyone about my journey. So far I've told my husband and my dad (who is also a recovering alcoholic).

I plan to just simply say no thank you. I don't think anyone will think anything of it.

If anyone pushes, I think just saying you're working on getting healthier or cutting back on calories is a good "excuse".

Personally I'm looking forward to being sober at parties and holidays. It will be a new experience for sure.
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