10yrs 1 miserable marriage 2 lost jobs & 1 DUI latter

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10yrs 1 miserable marriage 2 lost jobs & 1 DUI latter

Hi Guy's Am really really hoping after many failed attempts this time will be the final time to get sober and start a real recovery plan, tried AA several time's and could not really find my path & the last meetings were all the old timers remembering the good times drinking and best old bars with drinking buddies& taping the table saying aye but never again!

So am hoping to start a sobriety journal here which seems to have helped many in there past. The one thing I have mainly neglected during past 10yrs is family! And it was not until I read some of these heart breaking responce's from partners/spouse's did then realise just what a horrible thing alcohol can/HAD become.

Due to less than 15 posts just Google part link if you like to see what the other side see's
See you on the journey hopefully x
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Welcome back Scotsguy!
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Hi Scotsguy
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Welcome back, Scotsguy.
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welcome!! It took me almost 25 years, two failed marriages, two DUI's (shoulda been three but man, did I get lucky.....), nearly losing my children and squandering close to $1M.....

you can do this, man.

PS - AA really helped me.... not because it was "the cure" or because "AA saved me" - but because it was an always-there source of in-person support, community, reminder and gave me a set of tools in my toolkit to help make the changes I needed. I'd encourage you either to keep it in your toolkit or find another in-person community because I really think that's essential to long-term sobriety.

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Thanks to all x "" am so glad to be back! Since i have not even be hovering it feels good to start making some positive plans and I really need somewhere to remind myself what a selfish person I have become and also how bad my mental health was deteriorating, it's not fun being an addict it's repulsive lying cheating and shamefully stealing! OMG that's been me last 10 years #
But am not planning looking back with guilt or sadness as this my help the trigger beast!
Instead am booking us a much deserved holiday end of year then apologise @ the end of holiday for my past troubles

Again thanks to all old and new
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Great to have you with us, Scotsguy.

You have a very good attitude and sound determined. Drinking turned me into a person I didn't even recognize. It's scary what it does to us over the years. No more! You sound ready to do this.
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