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Question By the numbers

I have noticed that many threads on here discuss how many days sober or how many days until relapse or how any drinks one had etc. Lots of numbers. I am just curious to know how helpful that is. I happen to know when how any days have elapsed since I quit because of the date Jan 1 2017. I could not say how many drinks i was drinking before that time. I know it was "a lot". Does focusing on such things help or hinder? I hope I haven't upset anyone... not a judgement, just an observation.
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I think it helps some people to see their progress laid out by the numbers. I think I stopped counting days/weeks after about 3 months because I'm not a number person. Whatever works!
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I do it.
Perhaps to give others indication.
I also refer to my posts as a diary. Perhaps I can look back and know where I was too.
I will reach a milestone and probably stop doing this but for now it works for me
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i personally think keeping track of those milestones helps to build and reinforce sobriety. in AA or NA you collect chips or key tags, at the year mark you get a medallion. having that medallion in a pocket or purse can be like a ********.

ok censor....i said t a l i s m a n...

its kind of like babies.....they're 12 days, then two months, then a year, then 28 isn't til they hit three that time shorter than years is counted. one doesn't see a baby in a stroller and ask the mom (or dad!) how old and they say........uh, dunno, never counted!!!!
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I remember counting days then thought hang on this is not for me anymore, i sound like its a chore. But each to their own, whatever works for the individual. You want to have attended some of the meetings i have gone to over the years some of them turn into a competition on who has drunk the most and had it the hardest; generally does bring some light relief when you can spot it happening though, pinch of salt always helps with recovery i find
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Hi FallingStars

I counted sober days in the early days cos I couldn't quite believe I was staying was like tangible proof almost.

At about 3 months, I stopped counting. I know my sober date but no idea of the days now. It's just my life

As for counting drinks...people especially people new to recovery, want to know where they fall in relation to others. I think thats a human thing.

There's no requirement for you to count days or share your drinking history if you don't want to

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