Is this a craving?

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Is this a craving?

I was sitting here rummaging through the fridge and cabinets and eating whatever I think I may be craving but nothing is quite hitting the spot. At this point Iím full but I know I still want something that isnít clear to me or being satisfied. Iíve eaten some chocolate, drank some pop, soup, chips, French fries, a cheeseburger, made a tea... and yet Iím still searching for what I actually want.
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That explains my physicality to a T. It happens less and less now a days
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wow welcome to my world. Yes I can't find anything to eat to hit the spot. LOL. Drinking diet coke and savoring sprees nice big tablets of sugar.
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Filling the God sized hole?
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Yeah. Mine I used to get a kind of restless thirst on the back of my tongue /throat sometimes too.

That restlessness, irritability and discontectment will go away though, once you're working on your recovery and have found some new tools for dealing with life.

Maybe go for a good long walk (or run of you can), and then call someone for a good matter (ask how they are, you don't even need to tell them you're struggling if you don't want to, but reaching out will help). And then maybe a nap, or at least lay on the sofa with a book or film and chill for a bit.

HALT. (Triggers to be avoided).


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I never craved alcohol after the first 2 or 3 days of withdrawal but food is a different story . I am on a healthy eating plan like most people at this time of year and its torture . All the comfort foods that I love are not allowed, who looks forward to an apple ? lol .
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That is exactly how cravings feel to me too.
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