seven years ago today....

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seven years ago today....

This is my facebook post:-

Seven years ago today, I was drunk and i had been this way for months. The drinking was steadily getting worse and Something in my fuddled brain told me it would get much worse. Iím ashamed to say suicide was looking a good way out, such was my despair.

The next day, January 9th 2011, I woke up and thought ďwhat the hell am I doing, Iíve got two young girls who need meĒ Iím Proud to say Iíve not had a drink since and sincerely hope I never do again, as I certainly donít plan to.

If anyone is really struggling with the drink please get help. Whether itís your doctor, AA, SMART or groups such as Aquarius. The drinking will never get better only worse.

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me. You know who you are.

Peace ✌️

I've posted this in here as my story was in here and become quite a long thread. For all those struggling, their is hope but me must want to recover. (Looks like I have fianlly reached my bottom.) (2 Years ago tonight I put the drink down.)
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Congratulations on seven years! A wonderful thing.
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Congratulations on 7 years, spen!
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Congratulations on 7years.
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Awesome post, spen

Congratulations on 7 years
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Well done to you - you should be mighty proud of yourself
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Congratulations!! Very inspiring story with a lot of hope.
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Really glad to hear from you Spen and to read such a great update - congratulations!

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Seven years sober is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your story of hope.
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My darling Spen....I am so happy for you.

All that you have achieved has been remarkable.
You have daughters who love you so very much and many more people I am sure.

Keep going, keep being proud xx
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Congratulations, spen!!!!!

What an uplifting post.

So very pleased for you!
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Great job Spen👏
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Congrats Spen!
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Congrats! Thanks for being an inspiration to the rest of us
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Have to ask; Did you post that to your Fb? Either way...Congrats! I'm only a year and although most know..I'm just 'not there yet' for full public outing. At 7yrs..I'd feel confident doing that. Not that I would,but that's some solid time! Good for you!
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