its my 7th day off sober

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its my 7th day off sober

Hey people.. This sounds nuts but
I promised my self to have a fine vine bottle if i could make my sober target for 01 month.. Is that a bad idea? Will i get addicted again cuz of that vine bottle?
Btw sorry for my bad english
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If you are like me that bottle would just turn into months of drinking right back where I was before I stopped.
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I am the same way as Tekink.
If I "celebrated" every milestone of sobriety, I would NEVER bee sober for more than 30 days, and the binge may never stop
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Yes, in my opinion, it's a very bad idea.

Rewarding myself with the very substance I'm trying to stop seems counterproductive.

I couldn't moderate when I was drinking. One bottle would eventually lead to a blackout.
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Abstaining for ANY length of time doesn't reset the switch and stop us being addicted to alcohol.

Why did you decide to stop for a month? What was alcohol doing or what happened that promoted that decision?

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It is a very bad idea Luke. Do you really think it's possible after what I assumne are years of drinking to reset yourself after not drinking for a month?

I think maybe you are confusing abstinence for control.

I have no control once I start drinking, but abstinence allows me to not have to deal with that issue ever again

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Drinking to reward yourself for staying sober is a bad idea. Stay sober and see how much better your life can get.
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At a month in, I was beginning to feel the benefits of sobriety. It would have been insanity to risk that.
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