One month :)

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One month :)

Hi everyone my Name is Nick and Iím 25 years old.
Today is my one month sober Iíve been creeping on this site since I found it while going through detox and finally decided to write something my self. Thank you for everyone that posts on here it has helped me out tremendously this past month, I have been a dayily drinker for the past 5-6 years around a half pint to a pint some times more if I was with friends. Alcohol has cost me relationships,money,time and happiness Iím happy to finally not have it rule over my life anymore. 30 days I ended up in the ER I had recently been experiencing severe anxiety and dayily panic attacks something I never struggled with before and while I was there I decided to open up and told them I had been drinking everyday. My Blood Pressure was very high and my heart rate was 180 the next few days are still a bit of a blur, they released me 5 days later and ive been sober since. Anxiety has still been a small problem but Iíve only had 2 small panic attacks but I can feel it getting better everyday same goes for the mental fog. I have been going to A.A. once a week , exercising Regularly and have completely changed my diet and have lost 8 pounds so far. At first I wasnít able to sleep that well but that has improved also I try to keep busy since I notice I start to get sad if I have to much down time because before I would just drink and to me that was ďdoing somethingĒ. All in all itís been a long month and December 7th seems so long ago I know I still have a long way to go and a lot to do before Iím where I want to be but thank God I donít crave Booz to numb me from my problems.
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This is good news. Keep up the work and please let all of us here have a notice when you reach the two month mark.
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You went off the deep end pretty fast.

I feel that I drank way harder than you for a really long time and didn't end up in your shoes until I was into my late 40's.

Either way, we both know booze is poison. We are addicts for life. If we pick up again, we will probably go crazy then die.

So, I don't drink anymore.

I work out a lot. It is really starting to show after about 3 years. I was a fat pig when I quit. I weighed about 250 lbs. and had no stamina.

Now I am about 218 pounds and work out at least 5 times a week for about 1 to 2 hours at a time.

I eat clean as I can, but I am not afraid to enjoy a big plate of whatever I like sometimes.

I still suffer from my years of drinking, but it is getting better by the moment.

Stay clean.

Well done.

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heres a chip for ya

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Welcome to SR Nick - great to have you here

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Great Milestone at 1 sober month! Congrats!
Keep it going!
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Well done Nick! That sounds a really solid foundation.
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well done you are doing well keep going to AA
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Well done Nick.
I wish i was as wise as you at 25 !

Anyways welcome and keep up the good work.
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