Positive Thoughts

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Positive Thoughts

Having these symptoms(anxiety rushes,desires to drink that are “powerful”-really do suck around a month in, but then I can think on how things were a short time ago and I can’t forget and I must not do so. No matter how bad these are, it’s much improved.
It gets better and anyone struggling please take heed.
So far, I’m glad I’m not drinking.
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I find focusing on the postives really help me with cravings. I've lost weight and my skin is much better. When I really feel like drinking I put on a pair of my big jeans and remember how crap I felt in them!

Good for you Rodney, I'm glad things are going well. Have you tried mediation for the anxiety and the rushs you are having? I use Mindfulpeace on Youtube and it really helps me when I'm feeling anxious and agitated. It's definitly worth a look. Gabe x
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It was hard to see improvements for me but I knew I had to hold on.

I remember about four months in it felt like I had tried to swim across a lake that was a bit to far for me. I'm not yet halfway and the continuing trek seems impossible but I turn and look back to shore and see nothing but a nasty storm brewing that would surely mean I can't make it back. It left me with nothing to do but keep my head down and push on. Now 11 months in I feel close enough to the other side that I have confidence in myself, feel good about myself and am being lead by the satisfaction of beating this thing that has so much control over my life/thoughts/emotions.

It's hard to see the positive sometimes, I just remind myself to keep my head down and it'll pass.

It's good that you are recognizing these things now. One month is a long long time. The two month mark gave me trouble and I failed on it three times. That made me realize exactly how long two months is. Don't make my mistakes!
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The longer you are sober, the more mental discipline you will regain and the easier it becomes to control compulsion. Alcohol destroyed my willpower, but it does come back and you become someone who can do challenging and sometimes unpleasant things again. That's something.
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I find that practicing gratitude every day helps me in lots of ways. Make a gratitude list and add to it for each person/event/thing you're thankful for. It really improved my attitude.
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