Day 116!

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Day 116!

It's my FriYAY! I hope you all have a great weekend. Going to play a couple games of spades tonight with some friends I loveeeee spades! Whats everyone doing today?
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congrats!!! that is awesome
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My plan for the day is: Laundry, warranty reimbursement, gym, good food, tv, nap...maybe go to a show or something tonight.

Last night I went to the gym, late, with my 14 yo son. It was my second time for the day.

The gym, working out, is my new drug.

It was awesome working out with my little boy.

He is getting stronger and so am I.

After, I wanted to go out and do something, but I was tired...long I just fell asleep around 10 pm watching some great tv.

On Friday nights when I was a 7 pm...I would be wasted, maybe passed out. My son would be alone in his room....since my wife works the night shift.

I thought about my old ways yest. when I got home from work. Sometimes I would stop at the store and get a bottle of booze. I would start drinking it on the drive home. I would do little sipper drinks until I couldn't see straight.

I was heavily addicted and uneducated. Thanks to SR. I am much better now.

Life is as it should be now.

Stay clean.

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I just did a pretty hard workout class. Its a 'Les Mills' Body attack thingy....loved it. It reminds me a bit of the old school aerobics (no not 'jazzercise') that was big in the late 80's....I had a flash back of the butt thong leotards we used to wear. Holy crap. I cannot believe I used to sport those things....terrifying really. I would rather be shot in a firing squad than wear one of those. You're young so google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. What WERE we thinking? But anywho, the class was great. Butt completely covered thank you very much!!

Glad you're doing so well! I love Spades and Hearts. Bridge too. I need to play cards again. Great idea.

Edited to add.....LEG WARMERS. So did that when I worked out....and the headbands...hahaha. Ok I'll stop now. Wait one more....BIG hair. Yep. Ok done. TTFN
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AshleyB, day 116 is just FANTASTIC, congratulations, rootin for ya.
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