Need to share.

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Need to share.

Hello, I am JP and I'm an alcoholic, and for the first time here I will admit that I am also an addict. I feel I need to share here a resentment I need to get off my chest, and it involves my addiction to painkillers. I was going to try and get a few percocet for New Years. My dealer said he could get some, but needed to money first. I drove an hour to meet him and give it to him. He never came back. He txted me saying "cops ttyl." I texted him the next day he replied "do you know what cops are? stop ******* texting me ill call u back." Nothing.

This addiction I was under the illusion that since I didn't hurt anyone on painkillers and I only did them on occasion that I was not an addict. But being robbed has opened my eyes that this **** ain't worth it. The anxiety, the dealing with idiots, and most of all my pocketbooks are showing me that these pills are making my life unmanageable. So now I am 1 and 1/2 mo clean now and 5 mo sober. The anxiety of drugs is way more unmanageable than the anxiety of sobriety.
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Hello JP.
Sorry that you have been robbed but maybe it has been a blessing in disguise since the incident is the catalyst of you giving up pills. I have put myself in dangerous even life threatening situations and have been robbed of money many times under the influence of alcohol. Not to mention phones, laptops and jewelry. I am actually in the habit of giving my jewelry away while drunk?? weird habit\ I live in a big city and their are always "friends" to enable me on a bender and I allow them to take full advantage of me while I am intoxicated. Anyhow congrats on your sobriety. I thank goodness everyday that I have my life (physical body) intact. I have a lot of rebuilding of my life still ahead of me it is in shambles. I am so happy for this chance. Sober 11 days. And I am ready for a medal. You can always make more $$ and replace $$ but you can never create more time for your self. Time is priceless So I will try and take my own advice and make the best of the precious time I have left to live. I don't want to waste it being taken advantage of and being intoxicated. Thank you for your post- got me thinking......
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