44 days no booze and in a funk (depression?)

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44 days no booze and in a funk (depression?)

looking for a little advice here. This is not my first time getting sober (unfortunately) and i know the process but Ive been in this little depression funk for the last 4 days and can't seem to shake it. I have had them before when i was sober for 7 months and they would last two days and then lift like a fog. A counselor at an IOP who I am friends with suggested its just PAWS but I wanted to hear from people who have lived it. Now i know that many have had underlying depression that they have masked with booze and I have really never been depressed ever, only these little fits throughout sobriety. And I know you all know, my brain said, "have a couple beers and you will feel right as rain". I have never worked a program throughout any of my attempts with sobriety and have now understood thats why none of them have stuck. I am going to meet with a counselor just to talk today and then follow that up with a meeting and start building a proper support network.

What I am asking is, are these "funks" part of recovery and if so, how have you dealt with them? I am by no way, shape or form, drinking again, so i will deal with it but its a bit scary to not feel like yourself and I wanted to hear from someone who has actually been through it.

Appreciate ya!
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Hi and congrats on 44 days!!!! I too have had many unsuccessful attempts at sobriety prior to working a program honestly and aggressively. Meeting with a counselor is a great idea and a brave step. Although ups and downs are normal for any human being drunk or sober, I personally think everyone could benefit from counseling and therapy of some kind. It's particularly important for those of us in recovery, as I know I have made many decisions that could absolutely cripple me with shame if I let them. Speaking about that and attempting to figure out why I drank the way I did has been tremendously helpful for me. The one on one third party advice of a therapist can lead to major breakthroughs. And if nothing else, it's just a great way to work things out with an impartial sounding board! I wouldn't worry too much if you're clinically depressed or not; just go check out therapy and I guarantee you won't regret it!!
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Congratulations on 44 days of recovery!

I think that those funks are just part of life, that there are always ups and downs. Are you eating well, getting rest and generally taking care of yourself? If so, I hope the depression will pass before too long.
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