New to Sober Recovery

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New to Sober Recovery

Hi, I am new to SR. I am 8 days sober. I would like to join the class of 2018. Can someone please tell me what a recovery plan includes. I see posts talking about a plan. Thanks, Cottontop1
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Look under Newcomers Daily Support Threads for the Class of January 2018. You just need to post in order to "join" - I am still close with my Class of Feb 2016 group and it's a GREAT way to connect on SR.

People choose different programs - plans- for sobriety; mine is AA. You can read under different sections- 12 Step, Alcoholism, Secular Connections, etc - for ideas or look up Dee's thread Why I am Always Suggesting a Plan (or such, I forget exact name but am sure he can post the link).

The key for me and those I see around me who are living sober and thriving is a plan of ACTION. Committing to not drinking, permanently (and great job on over a week!) is the first step, of lots to follow that are simple if not easy.

Hope to see you around here!
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Welcome! I agree with August - it's different for each individual, but there are a lot of suggestions regarding a plan that should be very helpful. It's also true about making it a true ACTION plan involving real work and in-person commitments. I stayed drinking for years because I thought making a mental commitment was enough... for me, and many others, it's definitely not sufficient. Knowing so little about your situation makes it hard to give any solid suggestions, but I found outpatient treatment very helpful. It forced me to get off my A and take sobriety seriously! Meetings are a great commitment as well, but even they weren't enough for me in the beginning. Make a plan and work it - you're on the right path already!!
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Welcome, cottontop1! Iím also 8 days sober today and this group had been helpful - so many people with lots of wisdom and simply strong supportive words. I look forward to following your progress and wish you all the best!
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Hi Cotton:

I just bumped a really good recovery plan thread to the top. Here is a link: (What exactly is a recovery plan?).

Here is another link to a thread with a sample plan in it: (My Recovery Plan: Feedback Please)

A written recovery plan is one of the two key factors that got me sober. The other was exercise. Everyone has their own opinions, and perhaps it won't benefit you as much as it did me, but I promise you that taking the time to write out a detailed recovery plan will be well worth it. Good luck!
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ssober and honest gave you some good recovery action plan links
Here's the link to the 'Class of January' support thread

All you need to do to join is post

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Welcome to the Forum Cottontop!!
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Welcome aboard to SR, Cottontop1! Great job on 8 days! I hope to see you around
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