So........2018 now eh?

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So........2018 now eh?

Happy New Year everybody.

Its around 4 am here and I am on here. Wife and kiddos are sleeping. Not like my dumbass. This time is my time to think, reflect etc. Especially when I'm sober which I am. Today should be a good day, we have a family dinner to attend which will be awesome. no heavy drinkers at all. So thats cool. 2018 is going to be a good one me thinks. I found this site when I was in a very dark place, and I came out of that place because of you fine people. For that, thank you. Ive had my slip ups, relapses, whatever we want to call them and everytime this happens it makes me want to get sober even more. I can't believe how hard it is to achieve sobriety. Just the other day My wife and I were chatting about it. She doesn't understand the struggle, which is ok. But she reminded me of the time I decided to quit smoking. 20 years ago I lit a ciggy, then promptly thew it out along with the rest of the pack. DONE!!!!! She was with me that great day. Now she says do the same with the alcohol. Easier said than done I said. I read a post a day or so ago about ACCEPTING the fact booze can't be a part of your life. It really slammed home with me. Yes I'm an Alcoholic, yes I drink way to much. I accept the fact that to be successful in recovery alcohol cannot be a part of my life.

2018 is going to be a good year though. I feel it buddies!!!! Oddly enough I never drink or get drunk on NYE so I can't say anything about that. I always drive and get people home safely. Weird eh? Thats a whole different post though LOLOLOLOL. Have a good day y'all.
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It's good to sit and have a period just concentrating on your life. I start this at anywhere between 04:30 and 05:30 most days.

'They' call it mindfulness. It helps me and I hope that t helps you.

PS - I smoked 40 cigs a day for about 15 years. I gave up cold turkey in April 2003. I agree that drinking is tougher to crack.
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Hi guys.
I too quit the cigs 9 years ago. Now my challenge is alcohol. I really really want to feel how you guys do. I cant wait to feel free again, not riddled with shame guilt and self loathing.
I too think that 2018 is going to bring good things......and I cant wait.
Have a peaceful day
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I'm an early bird too and I love the time.

Good job on your progress and keep it up! While I had plenty of ups and downs early on, and during my first year, overall I wouldn't trade being sober for a sec of drinking.
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Good job, canuck! Happy 2018!
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Yep my wife gave up cigarettes when she fell pregnant 15 years ago and that meant I had to give up too. Booze is harder
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