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Alcoholism and Sugar Addiction (and gastric bypass & diabetes)



Alcoholism and Sugar Addiction (and gastric bypass & diabetes)

Old 12-31-2017, 09:32 AM
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Alcoholism and Sugar Addiction (and gastric bypass & diabetes)

I'm 51 days sober and eating sweets like crazy!! I had a gastric bypass several years ago and my cravings for sweets left and if I ate more than one or two bites of sweets I became ill. (not so now) Now I'm eating an absolutely unbelievable amount of sweets. I also was a diabetic before I had my bypass. It suddenly hit me last night that all of these sweets will most likely lead me back to being diabetic. That terrifies me! MANY people in my family died from diabetes. I'm almost thinking that I'd rather be an alcoholic than a diabetic. But........NO I am not going back to drinking. Going to call my dr. and make appt. to see what I can take for sugar addiction. The following articles I found to be very helpful:

Sugar Addiction In Sobriety. Why It Happens + 13 Tips How To Break It. ? HIP SOBRIETY


Sugar Addiction In Sobriety. Why It Happens + 13 Tips How To Break It. ? HIP SOBRIETY

If you have conquered a sugar addiction, I'd love to hear how you did it.
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While I agree that sugar and alcohol can affect people in the same ways, I hesitate to jump on board with a "Holistic Nutritionist" who is suggesting many different supplements.

I don't believe supplements are the answer. Good nutrition is the key. Varied balanced meals, a little exercise.

I've had sugar and alcohol and depression and anxiety problems.

I still struggle with sugar if I buy treats. I know that if I buy them I'm likely to eat the whole thing as soon as I get it home, so I try to be gentle with myself. I buy them every-now-and-then, not three times a week. I make the decision at the store.

If I'm at some event or at someone's house I decline sugary treats. I use the, "It's not mine," rule for myself. If I didn't plan it, work it into my calories and buy it myself, I don't eat it.

Some people do the complete abstinence thing. I am not willing to live the rest of my life without sugary treats, so I manage it.
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Hi, I also struggle with sugar. I've tried cutting down, changing what I eat etc. When I quit drinking it gets worse too. Proabbly the sugar in the alcohol sates my sugar cravings.

The only way for me is to cut it out completely. It takes about a week for me to feel better but after a week I feel amazing. I genuinely have no desire for anything sweet once it's out of my system. The problem is I can never stock at it!The first few days are pretty rough but it's worth it for feeling better. I'm currently doing it now after the excesses of Christmas.

I'm only sharing my story, please check with your doctor as it can be dangerous. think your body goes into ketosis cutting out sugar and carbs in one go.

Of course it's better to eat an all round healthy diet but that just doesn't work for me. One piece of chocolate or but of sugar and I crave it like a drug. I suppose it is a drug isn't it. As someone said "sugar is the cocaine of the food industry" No idea who said it just remember readin it somewhere.

anwyay, there are other members on here who have been successful with cutting out/reducing sugar and i'm sure they;ll be along soon

Congrats on 51 days sober btw
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Old 12-31-2017, 09:53 AM
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Sugar lunacy is pretty common the first few months. It helped me to have snacks around that weren’t sugar (almonds, pecans) or that at least had some nutritional value, like dried apricots. Hot cocoa was good too because it took longer to drink and with milk it at least had some protein.

Fiber, protein and lots of green leafies helped. I’m not sure what your limits might be with fiber with a gastric bypass...do you have a nutritionist that you saw post bypass that you could talk to?

One thing is for certain...quitting alcohol can only improve your health, especially if diabetes is a concern.

Congratulations on 51 days! It gets better, I promise.
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Alcohol is processed as simple sugar, with massive sugar cravings coming in early sobriety being very common. Go to town on those cookies and ice cream for now, but when things settle down, be sure to get your diet in check.
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I hear ya screamin sista. And the debate about sugar and recovery goes on....and on .....and on....

I think what works for one, may not work for another. I have been to told eat sugar when I get cravings....for me that is no bueno. For me, sugar is a substance. Yeah I don't crash my car, black out from eating too much ( I don't think.....) but there are plenty of negative physical and emotional consequences. I mean, just the language we use around sugar...sugar high, sugar rush, sugar crash, sugar craving. Substance anyone? So for me, its an addiction transfer. And while its not my DOC, I really, really like the stuff. I have literally the best cookies in my house right now (baked by ME) and I can't find it in me to toss them. I don't want to talk about it! So tomorrow, they are GONE. With all their deliciousness....in the TRASH you be-astards.

Haha. So yeah, I has a problem And for me its just like alcohol. I have to eliminate it. I can still have fruit (no juice) but no other forms of sugar. I get triggered and have trouble stopping. Why doesn't that happen with, say, baby spinach?
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Oh the sugar cravings after alcohol!!!
Been there

I'm owned 3 months sober and my sugar craving is almost to nothing, like where it was before I stopped drinking.
I'll have a sweet maybe twice a week, but for sure at least once.

I've started making brownies but I use my protein powder, a little coconut flour, apple sauce. BAM, healthy and yummy. Curbs the craving with 1 gram of sugar per serving and 20 per pan!
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51 days isn't that long.

I let myself eat whatever I wanted until about 90 days. You can always lose weight, but you can't diet off liver disease, jail, hospitalization or a failed marriage. Or or or.

You're probably not doing a lot for your diabetes at this point, but alcohol wreaks havoc on your blood sugar.

I do the keto diet (although this week has been a cheat...carb city, no gym, and sweets). It's supposedly really good for diabetics or hypoglycemics and it evens out your blood sugar peaks and valleys. It's easier to stick with than it sounds. I'm actually looking forward to going back on it tomorrow (AND getting back to the gym)!
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