Starting from now!

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Starting from now!

Hi Guys, been a while since my last post (and first ever). Its new years eve and for the first time in my adult life i wont be drunk when the clock strikes midnight. My other half is out at a friends house having a few celebratory drinks to see in the new year, but i somehow have managed to refrain. My last drink was 3 days ago, i should point out that by last drink i mean session (typically 1-2, 1.5litre bottles of scrumpy cider) which seems to be the amount required to get me to my happy drunken level. 2017 was without a doubt my most booziest year of my life, and a year i can recall very little about much to my frustration. Really very keen on kicking the habit completely, and becoming t-total. Have tried various methods to soothe withdrawl symptoms, the biggest one for me being brain fog and confusion, which usually arrives after day 2 and onwards of sobriety. I can struggle to 7 days, even managed 2 weeks this year, but then caved again as the cravings became too intense and the withdrawl symptoms got too severe i just gave in. I guess what im asking is there anything else i can try that can ease the symptoms? Part of my ritual is epsom salt bath every 2 days, a variety of supplements including a high dose mens daily multi, 3 x 1500mg fish oil, 1000mcg vitamin c, a high strength vitamin B formula. Il usually drink a helll of alot of soda and lime during these abstinence periods, along with a few cups of good ol green tea. All the best to anyone else out there that is on this crusade to recovery and i look forward to hearing some reponses, kind regards
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Welcome back alcoholiday

The only thing I took was a multivitamin - I think the withdrawal process is inevitable and pretty much inescapable, and it takes as long as it takes.

Brains are foggy because of the self abuse. Cravings happen because of our addictive condition.

The one thing we simply can't do is give in and drink again.
Give yourself a chance to heal.

All these things do pass, I promise
It's a little short term pain for long term gain.

There are some good ideas on dealing with cravings here:

and these is a link to some great ideas on recovery action plans (Psst...wanna know why I'm always recommending recovery plans?)

Happy New Year

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I take the following every morning:
  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamin D (I am a pescatarian)
  • Cod Liver Oil (for my joints - I do a lot of weight training)
  • Milk Thistle (for my liver - I will stop taking this after a month of sobriety)
  • Vitamin C (I don't like to eat too much fruit as the sugar content is high and can be stored as fat, so I supplement with this)
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I always find that drinking lots of water to flush out the system reduces the withdrawal period. It does not make it go away.

More importantly concentrate on what you are going to do when the craving and av seems unbearable. How will you beat the mental obsession to drink when it sticks its head up...

Happy sober new year to you.
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