needing some coping stratergies

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needing some coping stratergies

am needing some coping stratergies the self injury eating disorder and drink and drugs makes me ill and fight with my husband
i want to change that am going to meetings but av only been to one got a starter chip because i started again after being stupid using things that are bad for me
i dont have much just sitting here on a saturday night drinking decaff coffee when am wanting to have drink or drugs took my medication for tonight not so good at the moment PTSD and crap my medication helps that and its given to me by my dr wanting other drugs on top of that dangerous i'll end up killing myself so i need way to cope
any ideas dont mind what it is ill try anything anything to stop me feeling so crap
My husband is in the next room watching zombies while my nieces who arent old enough to watch it are sitting on there phones not talking i cant go and watch the zombies as they trigger me to self injure because its too graphic for me no ones talking feel like crap
anyone ?
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Oh goodness.

I'm so under-qualified to even begin to answer this but I didn't want to leave your post unanswered. Apart from coming on here to occupy my mind when things are tough or boring (or both) I do stupid stuff that just takes my mind somewhere else.

I downloaded a free app on my iPhone of Tetris for example. Sometimes I can lose myself in that stupid thing for an hour or so. Sometimes I just need my brain to be elsewhere....

Exercise helps me but at nearly 21:30 in the UK that isn't going to help either of us much right now is it?

Isn't there any way you can distract your partner and your nieces to spend some time with you? If not all of them then some of them?

I'm sorry my answer was so crap... I hope you manage to get through the evening without hurting yourself or taking anything (drink, drugs etc).


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Sorry to hear you are in a tough spot. I think all of Tony's suggestions are great.....particularly getting your nieces to engage with you....maybe play a card game or board game, if you have one, with them. There are online quizzes that kids/teenagers seen to prefer e.g. on pop music, film etc.

If they cannot be parted from their phones, maybe do something for yourself. Listen to a meditation CD, have a hot bath, give yourself a manicure, do some drawing or colouring. I find mindfulness very difficult but find breathing using imagery easier. An example is using slow breathing while picturing yourself in a safe place in your mind.

Finally keep posting through it here. This will pass.
Support to you.
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Early days are the toughest.
I like to read, and can lose myself in a book.
I pet the cats when I am stressed or sad, as they are automatic smile makers for me.
My bestie can’t watch zombies either. You are not alone in that regard.
How about some gentle stretching?
And are you hungry? If so, eat a little something.
Good thoughts.
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