Overcoming a significant trigger

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Overcoming a significant trigger

I am around 2 months into my sobriety. In the past when I have tried I learnt that there are 2 of 3 major triggers for me when alcohol is concerned.

My problem seems to (me) to be more binge related although alcohol does soak, pervasively into my life over time and impacts all of it negatively.

One of these trigger moments is when I meet my (identical) twin (who lives at the opposite end of the country). We have always drunk lots of alcohol when we meet up. Especially now as we both have family responsibilities and see each other pretty rarely (twice a year roughly).

I met up with him before Christmas, at my place, and early in the evening, I mentioned that I would not be drinking alcohol. He accepted it but proceeded to drink numerous beers and 2 bottles of wine, regardless.

After patiently entertaining and hosting the evening, I eventually left him on his own, safely ensconced in my house, while I retired to bed, sober when my patience had finally run out with his illogical, barely coherent drunken ramblings. I must admit that I felt guilty but I had met my tolerance limit. I went back downstairs to check on him later.

Being around drunks is a real drag, even when you love the person very deeply.

I wanted to share this as it was a major moment in my recovery and a first for me.
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I'm glad you were able to meet old situations with new healthier decisions b0glerd69 - excellent!

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Sounds like you did amazingly well. Good for you!
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