AA vs. going at it alone

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Originally Posted by Cerati73 View Post
I'm going alone, no AA meetings. Just reading a lot from this site. Everybody is different and I'm the kind of person that does not match in AA programs/meetings. It is just an spiritual commitment with myself. Rediscovering who I am, where I'm going, what other activities fulfill my soul. Easy ?. No.
It is just taking one day at a time. If you truly make a commitment with yourself, it is possible.
I was court ordered into AA and I'm thankful for that..however.. I mainly read/post around all areas of this site for 95% of my support now. I still talk to a few guys from AA,that I consider friends,but I haven't been in a while. Do what works for you,but please post here before you drink..
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Thanks Anna, for sharing that information. I am an AA as everyone knows, but the recovery group I manage for the restaurant community is not an AA nor NA group, and obviously I use it and SR as well.

One comment to all of this: why not use as much help as you need? Often, and especially in the beginning of sobriety, our alcoholism/AV/whatever you call it is so tricky it tells us we can do it alone. If that works, cool - for me, continuing to learn about others' paths and choices for PERMANENT sobriety has done more than one helpful thing, and the biggest one? It's helped me be non-judgmental about whatever method anyone chooses for success.
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as a knucklehead and a drunk, i sometimes (frequently) say wrong, dumb things

a big part of recovery from alcoholism is admitting to myself and to others that i am frequently wrong

real 10th step stuff

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