Addictive Behaviour Pattern

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Addictive Behaviour Pattern

Hi all,

I posted this in the wrong forum and so am reposting here:

I've recently been noticing that i have what people may refer to as an addictive personality in that when I get rid of one addiction its only a matter of time before another one takes it place. Whilst I've never been into "hard drugs" because I have some level self preservation, I certainly have at all points in my life had an addiction, from smoking cigarettes, to pot, to alcohol and when my children were young and i couldn't partake in anything mind altering or that might hurt them like cigarette smoke, i was a "clean freak".

Obviously some obsessive compulsive tendencies that take the form of addiction rather then behaviours more commonly associated with OCD like hand washing or making sure things are locked or turned off. Mind you I understand that we are all in effect compulsive in certain ways and I've heard theories on that being a healthy way to function in today's society. Don't get me wrong i know I'm not alone in this, everyone I know has these behaviours, including young children. I'm just being a little reflective at the moment. I guess I just try to maintain this mindfulness and channel my efforts towards healthy lifestyle choices as opposed to ones that could harm myself or others and keep myself in check that the healthy behaviours aren't becoming obsessive to the point of detriment. for listening to my pondering.
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Same here.
  • Never been drugs.
  • First was gambling - kicked 2001
  • Second was cigarettes - kicked 2003
  • Third was booze - kicking 2017
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