When did “it get better” for you?

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Congratulations on 34 days!!! You've earned it!!!

Last time, I had 93 days before I relapsed. I had just finished 90 meetings in 90 days(probably more like 120 in 90 days). The first 30 days were a bit uneasy, being in rehab, etc. etc.

At 60 days, I started to feel better.

This time around, I currently have 27 days. Despite all the loss and tragedy in the last 28 days, I have found peace. So I'd say it's already better. Actually, It got better after the first three days. That is because the seed was already planted. I had a little familiarity with the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous, so coming back has been like muscle memory.

I've lost my aunt, my relationship, got diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, and experienced December 13 2017(Cousin was murdered 12/13/16). All in the last 28 days.

I finally understand the true meaning of peace: To be the calm IN the storm. Took me years to get it.
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Hi RUL23 - Congrats on your sobriety. I have 81 days today and things started getting better for me around 30 days sober. At 60 days I noticed how I was definitely seeing things more clearly and working much more efficiently. I also started going to the gym regularly and feel much healthier. I firmly believe I could not have made it this far without the help of AA. I was fortunate enough to meet several people with many years of sobriety who I talk to regularly for advice. The best advice I have received is to take one day at a time and keep coming to meetings. Good luck!
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I agree with those that say there was a shift around 100 days, physically and mentally. I also wanted to add, where did all this money come from? After 4+ months, I’ve discovered I obviously underestimated the amount spent on alcohol. Probably in a large part due to those daily visits to the shop where you *must* put something in the cart besides the bottle(s), because what will people think? A nice surprise that the budget is easier to balance!

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Things started to get better (physically) for me after the first few months; actually better (mentally), post-pink cloud (I think that's the term for it).

Immediately after stopping drinking, I had a lot of energy from knowing that I had made my decision and would be doing my best to stick to it. LIFE WOULD BE DIFFERENT! I knew that I'd hopefully never deal with hangovers/embarrassment/self-hate/etc. again and all the problems that drinking caused in my life. I was excited about the idea of starting new hobbies and doing new things. I was ready to have my life in order and not be a grown-up child.

Once that wore off, I realized I still had to do my 'heavy lifting'. I had to come to terms with a career change, talk to my girlfriend about our relationship, make amends for being an a$$hole while I was drinking to coworkers, and come to accept (still working on this) that I'd really limited my personal potential over the past 10 years. The work is hard, but it is good. It is needed.

So, I'd say that things get better in stages. It's a process. Getting off the sauce is the first step (be able to feel better and think clearly), then the next is doing the 'lifting' (repair relationships, finances, emotional work), then it's rebuilding and living. I'm still kind of in the heavy lifting/rebuilding part (not fun, but needed) but looking forward to all the good things that are ahead. I didn't really attach numbers to any of this as I think that people's experiences with this will likely be a bit different than mine. However, I've experienced these things in the first 5 months of not boozing. Along with the lifting and rebuilding, we have to deal with cravings. Those get better over time, but I'm sure they still pop up every now and then for people with lots of time under their belt. At 5 months, I get them when I am stressed out. The trick is to identify when the AV is saying "LET'S DO IT" and have a way to cope. Those urges pass, even if they are a PITA.

The future can be bright! Stay strong and stay sober.
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10 months in and it's still hard but it's a heck of a lot easier than it was six months ago.
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For me, once the lovely lovely pink cloud had dispersed, I was prob about 10 months sober before I felt errr balanced I guess. What I mean is that my preocupation with mtgs, forums etc had dwindled, and I started to find a balance with day to day life and recovery. You are so early days, take each day as it comes and you’ll be ok. There is no magic time for any of us to feel better im afraid, just take it day by day and it will come x x x. Well done your sobriety time, you should be proud x x x
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