I tested myself... And failed

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Hi Sunflower

You're most definitely not alone. I'm from the UK and have the same problems. For the last few months I've been going 2-4 weeks dry and then doing something stupid, like thinking I can have a pint or 2 to relax. I end up binging as I, like yourself, simply can't stop when I start.

I also live alone and it's those times when I'm home alone and restless I find it the hardest. There's such a massive drinking culture in the UK; it can feel very isolating to try and remove yourself from it. Don't give up giving up; it's hard to completely change that mindset but when you can't stop simply never starting is the best solution.

Don't fret over relapses but do try and learn from them. If you can use each relapse to help understand your triggers and find ways to deal with these; they can be a useful learning experience.
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Originally Posted by Anarock View Post
I drink to get drunk too. I surprised myself this weekend. I went to a football game (2 nights in a hotel plus the game), and had one drink one night and 3 at the game.
Then I stopped.
It's a miracle, that has never happened before!
This sometimes happened for me too. The key word here is "sometimes". I was never able to predict which drinking incident was going to turn into a drunk-fest.

Russian roulette with alcohol. A dangerous game indeed.
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My greatest revelation came when I hit my bottom.

I tried for YEARS to figure out how to get drunk with no issues. I monitored the amount I drank, the time I drank, and how often. Nothing ever worked. It did help for a while, but I was back at before I knew it.

My bottom was nothing significant. I didn't lose my job or anything, but it was the day I final realized alcohol won. I couldn't do anything aside from quitting to fix my situation.
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I donít know if Iím an alcoholic, either! But itís actually not important to me to figure out if I am - I just go with what I do know. I know that my obsessing about when I will have my next glass of wine drives me crazy. I know that when I only have a glass or two (because I am pretty good at stopping, rarely have more than three in a night) I WANT to have more. I know that I do things before I go to bed like taking Tylenol and drinking lots of water to try to ensure I wonít eake up feeling crappy. And that when I do wake up feeling crappy, I tell myself Iím not going to drink for a while - and then I do.

Am I an alcoholic? Iíve tried to determine that for four years and can honestly say I donít care at this point. I just know that Iím better off in all sorts of ways when Iím not drinking (and not thinking about drinking)! Iím going into my fourth week of sobriety and feel so good!

Glad youíre here and look forward to reading about your progress!
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