A new day

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A new day

My last post was pretty depressing, so I wanted to put out some positivity for good balance.

I've been praying for help every morning and giving thanks at night, also asking for help throughout the day (even though I really have no concept of a higher power yet). I attended a meeting tonight and a meeting the day before that. I've been meeting with my sponsor once a week as well, going through the AA big book.

Today I got news that I was selected for a new job (a good one - for a reputable bank working in their business unit part-time) and yesterday I found somebody to rent one of the rooms in my house. He seems perfect, a quiet introverted fellow much like myself, and best of all - he doesn't drink whatsoever. These are just financial things, but my financial security has been a major stressor lately so a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

I have also been praying for motivation to get to the gym because I've been spending 95% of my days in bed, unemployed and taking school online. Today I somehow had the motivation and went for 30 minutes cardio (starting off slow). I also had so much energy this evening that I wrote an entire 1200 word essay and am feeling more confident about my studies.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of self pity and depression, the "it will never get better" lies that our disease tells us to try and manipulate us into eventually drinking. But it does get better. As long as we put one foot in front of the other and keep putting in the effort.

If anybody out there is thinking of taking a drink tonight or sometime soon, please just hold on. Things will come around - they always do. They did for me. And thank god I didn't pick up. I can't imagine what a mess I would be in right now if I had.

Thanks everyone for being here & supporting me on my journey!
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You're making progress! I had days where just getting out of bed was a moral victory. It will get better, it really will.
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thanks myrrrahj

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Thank you myrrrahj,
I just took a screen shot of your post to print out and put in my wallet.
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Your post did wonders for me this morning, thanks for sharing. On day 11, and pushing myself to go the gym, and solidifying a plan.
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It is so very good, Mrrryah, to hear that you are feeling better and have such positive things going on!
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