Day 24: First Real Craving Coming.....Tomorrow

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Day 24: First Real Craving Coming.....Tomorrow

Today is Day 24 for me. I've dealt with a lot of tough situations over the first three weeks of sobriety and passed them all, relatively easily.

Tomorrow I have an overnight company holiday party....we are a young staff and it's typically a big party with lots of drinking. I know of one other co worker that doesn't drink.

I'm feeling a bit anxious....I know I won't drink....but for the first time in three weeks the thought of drinking really came on strong.

Feel like I'm missing out tomorrow....
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You don't have to go. Doesn't sound like that much fun if it's all about drinking.
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I wouldn't go. I'd say I had flu sickness bug anything but be in the company of young people partying and drinking so early on in sobriety. If I went I would drink.
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Hi Rul...congrats on 24 days.

I have my work's Christmas party this Friday night. I'm just over 6 months in. I'm surprised that there are things I'm looking forward to about the night that I would never have paid attention to previously because I was too focused on the booze. I'm looking forward to getting glammed up and seeing my colleagues in their finery, enjoying some laughs with the people I work alongside every day, with whom I spend more time with than I do my own family. Good food, music and some dodgy dance moves as well!!!! I'm also really excited by the Secret Santa gift I purchased 🤣
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Yikes, are you sure that you want to put yourself in that situation so early on in your sobriety?
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Awesome Job on 24 days RUL,

I have done many of these events in my sober time. I get anxious when it's with a new group. My fail safe plan is hit a meeting earlier the day (I use AA as my program), get a good run in, then meditate before arriving fashionably late. I try to time my entrance to the end of the meet and greet happy hour. So, the drinkers are tuned up already and they have gravitated to one another. This lets me mingle with the non or minute drinkers. Usually a couple hours into the event, I am ready to slide out. If there are a few persistent drink buyers, then I will get a soda water with lime and not drink it. So I always have a drink in hand full.

Sounds like you'll be fine but don't let the case of F its sneak in on you. Good luck RUL.
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First off, congrats on 24 days sober!

Originally Posted by RUL23 View Post
Tomorrow I have an overnight company holiday party.....
Overnight? Like a slumber party? I wouldn't go even if I did drink. Sober, it's not even a question.

I kept work between the hours of 9 to 5. Overnight, even if a party, is cramping into "my" time.
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