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Brand new

Hello all,

I am 30 year old female from Canada. I am brand new to the idea of recovery. I have been drinking since I was 17, and have within the last few years started to drink almost every day. I donít know how or where to start........
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This is a great place to start username787 - tons of support here

For most of us it starts with a day one...don't have booze around, don't go out to get anymore....

Post here as often as you like, read around, see how others are staying sober...

repeat the process the next day and the next...

not always easy, but simple...and the support here helps in the not so easy bits

If you're concerned about withdrawal then by all means see your Dr first, just to be safe

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Welcome UN! The first thing to do is stop drinking. Just stop. If you have any around, pour it out and don't get any more.

Next, you should formulate a sobriety plan to get you thru the days when you might feel like drinking.

I hope our support and suggestions can help you get sober for good.
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Hello and welcome to the forums.
I started drinking when I was fourteen. I drank for another 35 years. All of them alcoholically. I didn't have an off button.
I didn't know how or where to get help to stop, either. Then, I found Alcoholics Anonymous and a little later this place.
It took me a few tries to quit but I've now been sober almost seven years. And I was a very heavy drinker.

You've already made a good start by coming here. So stick around and don't take that first drink. You'll finds lots of support here and post away!
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It's so good to meet you, username. I wasn't sure why I came here 10 yrs. ago - but there was something about this place and the encouragement I found. I had felt all alone with my struggle until finding SR. I hope you'll stay and keep talking - you can get free.
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Welcome username,

You came to the right place if you want to quit drinking. Good luck and keep coming back.
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Welcome to SR, UserName; glad you found us.

Stay close.

The people here truly care.
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