Zero sex drive!?!?!

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Zero sex drive!?!?!

Hey everyone, I'm 28 years old, and I just recently just got out of a divorce in September. My whole life changed and I moved from one city to my parents house now. I started drinking at February about 2 beers a night, and about almost every weekend I would get kind of hammered. (I drank **** water bud light haha) .. well now my libido is gone and I have no sex drive. I met this beautiful girl recently and she means so much to me, but I keep getting erectile dysfunction. I stopped drinking this past weekend, and I'm hoping that this will boost my libido. What does everyone think??? It's killing me because I used to be such a sexual person and now I don't have the urge anymore like I used to. Will this take time for me to get my sex drive back??? And if so how long? I'm also a lightweight that weighs only 140 lb
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A wise old guy once said about alcohol: "it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance." (Shakespeare)

The only way you'll find out if alcohol is responsible for your problem is to go without it for a while. If you don't notice any improvement within, say, 2-4 weeks, it may be time to visit a physician.

You may notice other benefits to quitting drinking as well!
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I had zero sex drive when I stopped.

A few months later i was as horny as a teenager.

Stop and see what happens. Whats more important to you, booze or sex?

With those choices, if you continue to drink you are a problem drinker.
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When I first stopped drinking I had zero sex drive and was just miserable, but now over a month later and I am horny as hell!
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contrary to what society and advertising might have you believe, sex drive isn't like four-wheel-drive. It's not just a feature that's always there, always ready, just shift and go.

Sex drive is a complex interplay of emotions, psychology and physiology.

It has ups and it has downs. It has good and it has challenging. It - as it turns out - is like so much else in life; variable.

What I've found over the years is that not getting too worked up over it, not letting it take too big a space in your mind or your life, and having the perspective that this too shall pass is the best way to go. Believe me, I know how frustrating this can be. I've been there. Most of us have or will. Substances - whether abusing them or abstaining from them after long periods of abuse - always have an impact as well. The dynamics of your body and mind's balance get impacted. Try not to look for the 'quick fix' or get deluded into thinking you'll never have a sex drive without alcohol or drugs.

Patience. Communication. Openness and rolling with it are the best course.

It'll be OK.
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Do you get any exercise? Regular vigorous exercise and a good diet go a long way to helping everything, including sexual dysfunction. Ups and downs in libido are not a dysfunction either, but a normal part of the human condition.
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