60 days sober today

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60 days sober today

I wish things were better for me at home at this point. My wife and kids rarely converse with me. I feel like a stranger and do not belong here. Did anyone else go through something like this and does it get better? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice.
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Hi freeofit

for us 60 days seems a lifetime but often for our family and friends it's just two months - two months out of many years of drinking.

Things will get better - and for a lot of us, trust and forgiveness do come if we hold up our end of the bargain and stay in recovery

If your family is still around, thats a very good sign freeofit

Congrats on your milestone

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What Dee said!

Keep doing the right things, not drinking and working on you - it is indeed hard to reconcile why "those around us aren't celebrating what we're doing" as a friend of mine says, "but we are actually just starting to behave like NORMAL people so that doesn't really call for a parade in their minds"! Truth.

Great job on 60 days- it does get better IMO and IME - keep going.
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I felt the same way. I can only echo what Dee said, it takes time. Trust and healing will happen if you keep going. My relationship with my kids is improving on-going. But my relationship with my wife, is fine, as it is. It was broke before I started drinking, so I don’t expect more than it is. If you and your wife have a hearts bond, staying sober will create positive things. Stay strong, post, believe, and know it is worth it!!
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Give yourself more sober time. Make your actions a reflection of who you are now. Hug your wife and kids. Stay sober and it should get better.
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