Thank you

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Thank you

...all so much for your feedback. When I first came here I couldn't even go 2 days without drinking. I had feelings of doom and anxiety that were a direct result of the high amounts of liquor I was consuming. I went from 1 day between binge drinking to two days then 3 over a period of months. Then I'd anxiously hold out to the weekends when Id get drunk (and LOVED it). I did this for a few months. Then I stretched out to roughly every alternate weekend. Then the miracle began and I didn't crave or NEED the booze (I think when we are detoxing we literally NEED the booze in system for a while). Then I made daily choices not to drink at all. Repeating my mantra " I WILL NOT DRINK TODAY " over and over especially if I walked passed booze. My way didn't involve AA my way worked for me, your way will be different. We all need to find our own escape from the chains of booze. I wish every newcomer the strength they will need to do this. It is possible, you can break free for ever... one breath at a time xox
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Congrats on your success and thank you for your contributions here on SR as well Maiden. SR works because we all contribute something along the way and help each other.
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Congratulations Maiden!
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