Hormones and recovery

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Hormones and recovery

Hey there

I'll be 7 weeks off nicotine and alcohol tomorrow 😊 But I found the last couple of days incredibly testing due to the time of the month. Emotional roller coasters, pain and sicky feelings. In between, my mood has spiked and dropped. I have used alcohol to self medicate at this time for so long, that when it swings about all I can think about is having a drink.

I become so restless and can't settle. Alcohol gave me a dulling, calming effect (short term of course).

So this month instead, I've eaten my body weight ten times over in chocolate to cope. So now I'm all bloaty and putting on weight.

Any tips? I know exercise helps but I be so lethargic and unmotivated at this time that it's so difficult to move!

Thanks 😀
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Same!! About the same time off alcohol and just went through the same hormone thing without booze to cope with mood swings. I definitely coped with food, as you mentioned. That obviously led to being bloated and feeling gross. A friend of mine mentioned that he drinks hot water, lemon, and organic honey everyday as a daily cleanser/detox. I did some research, and itís supposed to also help with digestive issues and reducing bloat, so I gave it a whirl. I found that it really worked for me to cope with the physical discomfort. Not sure of the science behind it, and maybe it was all in my head, but whatever, it helped!

As for the mood swings, I dragged myself to the gym and to yoga with the thought ďyou donít have to like it, you just have to do itĒ on replay in my head. It helped. I think also just knowing itís temporary, knowing that itís hormones and it will pass, and reminding myself of that was helpful too.

Not sure if that helps you, but figured Iíd pass along since I just went through the same thing.
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Well done on 7 weeks. That's brilliant! I've got PMDD. Its like PMS on steroids and I find it really hard not to drink during that week. Red wine was my go to. It's really all stress relief for me now, to sort out my mood. Massage helps loads, if your tummy's not too sore. Meditation is a must or I start feeling like a caged animal (and acting like one!), Valerian root really helps with that anxious or emotionally charged feeling, lots of baths, home made soup, films that make me cry, decent pain killers and knowing it'll pass. Hormones add a whole other dimension to alcoholism and cravings. Be kind to yourself, whatever works so long as its not booze!
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7 weeks is fantastic, so be proud of yourself!

I started a walking program when I began recovery. It helped me in so many ways. If you don't feel like exercising, walking could be an option. You get outside, move your body and reconnect with your neighbours and neighbourhood.
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Once the booze goggles are off, understanding life is like a whole new thing. This is what recovery is about. Take it a day at a time, get your diet in check, do something simple as walking and there are youtube videos for home workouts as well.
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Well done on 7 weeks....thats brilliant. Great advice in the above posts. Might be worth seeing a doctor for more help if it doesn't level out. For me things improved on the hormone front at about 3 months sober.
Wishing you well.
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I've really struggled with PMS in sobriety. Exercise REALLY does help. I've also worked in reiki treatments and I have tried a lot of different natural remedies for my anxiety.
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Thank you all!! Some very helpful tips that I will check out! I believe I have that PMDD as well and have done for a long time. But it'seems not seen as a medical thing here. Perhaps I will visit my doctor again though nowe I have a clearer head. But it's only my second time of the month so hopefully next month will be easier.

Thank u all
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