Newcomer hi everyone

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Newcomer hi everyone

Hello, im 32 I was a heavy drinker practically every day for 10 years. i ended quitting for 10 months by going to a few AA meeting, but I absolutely hated them. Had a bit of bad luck and relapsed about 3 months ago. First bender was 1 month long then I quit for 1 month then relapsed again 1 month ago and now im 3 days sober. Withdrawls sucked with every relapse in bed to days and stuff but this time is different. I feel great today but extremely hyper. Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone
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You do have the ten months to look back on as in "I can do this" even if you weren't enjoying it. I too don't like AA meetings. I don't think they are for everyone. So if it isn't for you, pick another way to stay sober (there are a lot of different methods on this forum). I go by the "to each his own" principle. For certain people AA is the key to the lock of alcoholism. I haven't picked any particular program and am just using bits of whatever will work. That is my main priority. Use what works and if it doesn't, don't use it. Best of wishes to you desert.
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Welcome, desertrat.
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The opposite of addiction is connection.
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Welcome! I too have had the same feelings about AA, BUT I am going to try them again with an open mind. I am on Day 20 and will be transitioning back to my world soon (with the family now). My biggest gap and need is connection with people, and while it's by no means perfect, what AA has going for it is an abundance of people and meetings. I will go back to meetings open to the fellowship, and I am going to make the "god" part my own, with my own spiritual application and definition of what god is. I think in the end AA is what you make of it and what you take from it. Whatever path you choose, good luck. Make sobriety #1 in your life, that's my plan. I need to do whatever it takes to keep it.
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Welcome Desertrat.
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Welcome, Desertrat! There are many paths to sobriety; I don't use AA but it has been the salvation of many and I have gone in the past and found it helpful. Make a plan and stick to it. I spend a lot of time here at SR and this has been very important to my sobriety; I now have 23 months. Wishing you all the best in your sober journey.
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