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New guy

Been clean and sober for 6 weeks this Friday and I hate it. Iím depressed and hurting.
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Well done on 6 weeks, and I'm glad you found us.

I found sobriety without working on my recovery pretty unbearable too. Who knew all that 'stuff' was in my head waiting to pop up. I reckon that my drinking had possibly ended up pretty much emotional whack-a-moley, Then, when I got sober I didn't know what to do with myself.

It was comforting for me to get to my first AA meeting and realise that this is pretty common. Whe I looked at the 12-steps of the AA recovery program I was confused to see that only the first step even mentioned alcohol. The rest are all about learning to Live (with a capital L) Sober. Making sobriety bearable, sustainable, later comfortable, and some day even preferable to drinking.

Without working on recovery I was just restless, irritable and discontent. To the extent that I prayed every night that I would just die before morning, and woke up disappointed to see another day. Now, I can honestly say that my life is better than it ever was before. (And I'm including childhood in that as well). But that will only stay so if I keep working my recovery plan. Doing the Do. But that's no real hardship to be honest.

Maybe read through Dee's thread about making a plan. .... (Psst...wanna know why I'm always recommending recovery plans?)

Have you looked at the meetings for AA that are local to you (or in the next town if you prefer)? It's good to meet others who are ahead of us on the path so they can give us the benefit of their experience and share their strength and hope. Because, let's face it, strength and hope are fairly scarce comodities to the newly sober.

Wishing you all the best for your continuing sobriety, and a recovery that brings you serenity and joy.

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Excellent job on six weeks and welcome to SR😀 posting on here has really helped me getting sober (now day 69). Iíd definitely recommend sticking around.
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Hi and welcome paquik

I pretty much hated being sober too - until I realised I was still trying to live my old drinkers life, just without me drinking.

What other changes have you made besides not drinking?

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I had 6 weeks too on friday! I am happy and excited that my life has changed for the better. I set new goal for myself and revitalized old dreams. Sorry, you don't feel the same. But, give your new self a chance.
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Hello and welcome to you. I am sorry you are not feeling very happy right now. I think it is important to remember that such a major change in your life will take some time to adjust to. It is not easy to get and stay sober and we must find out footing and get comfortable in our new, sober skin. I really like the saying that a lot of people use, which I can't remember work for word but is more or less"if you walk 3 miles into the forest you have to walk 3 miles to get back out" You can't just stop drinking one day and all of the sudden things are miraculously perfect. Of course some thing improve almost immediately- no hangovers, your face starts to become clearer and brighter, digestive/bathroom issues clear up, no jail/fights/drunk driving/embarassing drunken behaviour. But other stuff, like finding emotional peace and happiness do take time. This is true at a physiological level- your actual brain needs time to clear out the residual alcohol and heal, but also, of course, psychologically.

Have you considered BB's suggestion on getting to an AA meeting to talk with other recovering alcoholics about this? Or if AA is not for you what about seeing a psychologist? Talking things out would be a good place to start, in addition a professional could even guide you to a psychiatrist for any medications that might help you if they/you thought that might be something you need.

Lastly, and importantly, we are always here to support you.
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Great job on 6 weeks. I echo what others have said, my life got better when I made the changes it desperately needed.

Living my old chaotic lifestyle was exhausting and demoralising. I needed to get my addictions dormant, then examine and change my life.
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