Kidney Problems from Alcohol/Synthetic Marijuana?

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Kidney Problems from Alcohol/Synthetic Marijuana?

Hello guys,

I'm 26 years old. Pretty healthy but not terribly healthy (cholesterol 188, blood pressure 120/80, 5' 10' 220) I know I need to lose weight and I am working on it. For six years, I was a daily alcohol abuser. I drank around 6-10 beers every other day and sometimes daily. Recently, I quit and had some tests done to ensure I am healthy. My bloodwork and liver enzymes all came as normal (surprisingly). I had an EKG done to test for damage which was normal. However, I had an abdominal ultrasound done to check my organs to make sure they were ok. Surprisingly, my Liver is OK and I don't even have fatty liver after 5+ years of alcohol abuse. Everything was OK except apparently I have a cyst on my right kidney (singular cyst). I am only 26 years old. I am alarmed since it seems only people 50+ get them. I used to smoke synthetic marijuana (I smoke marijuana generally but haven't in almost a year) and I know it can damage kidneys so I kind of blame that. I want to know though, at 26 with a kidney cyst, can I still live a long healthy life? It is not a tumor or maligant, just a kidney cyst. My doctor didn't seem too concerned just told me to get an ultrasound every 6-12 months to make sure everything is OK. Please let me know what your opinion on this is as I am very worried I may get Kidney cancer later on in life now. Is Kidney cysts at a young age curable? Are they common at all? Most importantly, can I still live a normal, healthy long life and raise a family without dying early? Thank You I appreciate it
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Your doctor believes it's not a big problem, but maybe you could check back with him about your questions. If you don't feel confident with his advice, you could consider getting a second opinion. We can't give any medical advice here.
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Originally Posted by ToyotaMan1991 View Post
My doctor didn't seem too concerned...
Doctor's not concerned, but you came to an anonymous forum for what? a second opinion? assurance?

Does your doctor know about your substance abuse and drinking?

You ask legitimate questions, but if you don't want to pose them to your current doctor, seek out a new one.
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i hope that whatever plans you have they include not drinking again, ever. as far as any recommendations regarding kidney cysts, that is best addressed with your current doctor, or seeking a second opinion.
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