How To Live Free, Happy, Joyful and Sober

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How To Live Free, Happy, Joyful and Sober

You have to choose it.

You can't just "want" it.

You can't just "Have to quit".

You can't just "Try".

You have to decide, and you have to CHOOSE a Free, Happy, Joyful and Sober life.

It isn't easy.

There is no magical formula.

No group or God or program or book or therapy or rehab or drug or potion will do it for you. YOU have to make the choice and then YOU have to take ACTION to support that choice.

The actions you can take are varied and plentiful. All kind of recovery tools are at your disposal but here's a little catch:

NO AMOUNT OF PROGRAMS, TOOLS, BOOKS, THERAPISTS, GROUPS or STEPS will ever get you there if you have not actually made that CHOICE.

It's surprisingly simple.

Yet surprisingly hard.

So many of us say:

"I've GOT to quit".

"Not today".

"I will NOT drink".

"I'm working on it".

And yet so few have said out loud - to ourselves, to others, in writing, in heart and in soul EVERY DAY;


Choose it.

Do the work.

Act on it.

Choose it again.

Choose it every single minute if that's what it takes.

___________ AND YOU WILL FIND IT GETTING EASIER____________

And you will find it working
And you will find freedom
And you will find happiness
And you will find richness and abundance and fullness
In sobriety

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Truer words have never been spoken FO. I read on here quite a bit about people wanting sobriety to "stick" this time. Its not the way it works folks. Its about making the right choices every single day and getting all the support you need to assist you in that.
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Thanks for the post FreeOwl 💜

I use the terms "thriving in sobriety" or "embracing sobriety" helps me focus on the life I want to live, rather than focusing on what I have to NOT do like "not drink"!!!!
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