Struggling a lot but I realized I need AA

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Struggling a lot but I realized I need AA

Hi everyone, I just hit a rough patch with the drinking. I went on a
week long bender that made my girlfriend leave and I had terrible withdrawals. I am about to lose everything if I take one more drink, struggling financially I made it to a meeting and actually asked for numbers and even more surprisingly I've been talking to one man for the past two days. My girlfriend wants to fix things and so do I. I really need to do everything I can to not get fooled into thinking it's okay to have just a few. It never is but how easily I forget.
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Follow through with AA man. Seriously. That's your way out. The door is right there. Just gotta walk through it.

If you can do 30mtgs in 30 days or 60 in 60, etc, you have a chance for everything to work your way.

Keep your mind on the prize. No alcohol today and hit up a meeting today. Keep it simple. Just need to do 2 things and 1 of them is life or death. You pick.
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It took being forced into AA by a judge for me to 'grow up' and realize that I can't drink anymore. Of course I lost some business,wrecked a truck and lost my girlfriend(this wasn't all my fault) over drinking. AA has helped me remain sober for almost a year(I don't count days) and start rebuilding a lifestyle that I can again be proud of.
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AA is great! Follow the steps and use your number if you have to.
Also check in here on the forums.
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I had to about lose everything before I went to AA, too. That, and like you, a particularly bad withdrawal made me realize how bad I had gotten.
I kept getting fooled into thinking I could drink gain, too, after recovering from the last bout, which came closer and closer together.

I was a bad drunk and it's been over six years since I've found an excuse to drink.
It sounds like you're on the right track. Hit those meetings. Use those numbers. Believe in your heart and mind you can recover. And you can.
This place is great, too, and welcome aboard you'll find a lot of support here.

Best to you and you can quit. I know you can.
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Originally Posted by WeWillRecover View Post
... I really need to do everything I can to not get fooled into thinking it's okay to have just a few. It never is but how easily I forget.
Yes - how easily we fool ourselves into thinking that we've somehow reset ourselves to 'no-longer-addicted' and think we can drinking like a normie. For me, that Step 1 I did with my sponsor is still a handy reference page to look back on. And my old posts on here (although I lost some of my earliest ones when we had a few technical issues back then I think). Also, working with Newcomers at AA brings it all back to me. Every time, so step 12 saves my arse as well. Oh, and when I'm asked to do a main share and ecount what it WAS like, what happened, and what it's like now - well, that helps me remember that it is never okay for me to just have a few.

I would definitely suggest getting a sponsor once you've had a chance to get to know who there has the kind of sobriety you'd like for yourself. That way you can crack on with some step-work, which for me was when my recovery really started.

I'd also suggest getting to meetings early to help set up, and staying late to help pack away. That's when you get to know who the more cmmitted members are, and to have more useful conversations about recovery with some of those folk who aren't so keen on whole-meeting sharing. They're often quiet but very wise.

Well done for finding the humility to let others help you, and the willingness to make those changes that can help keep you sober.

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I hear ya buddy.

Stop second guessing yourself and stop putting alcohol in your mouth, at that point you'll be sober. No one can "fool" you into drinking alcohol unless someone legitimately spikes your drink. Don't believe you don't have the strength so simply abstain from alcohol. Stay away from it for a couple weeks and the withdraws should subside, at that point it starts getting easy, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and by then you're living happily without alcohol and the cravings & thoughts for it will surely subside. At that point it's just about self control and accepting that you cannot drink alcohol because you cannot just have a few.

I would say good luck but you don't need luck, you need will power and we're here to support you through this.
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Welcoem to SR WeWillRecover

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Welcome to the Forum WeWillRecover!!
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