One Year Sober

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One Year Sober

As the title states, as of this morning I've been sober for one year!

Last Halloween, I woke up on the couch at 6am, still drunk, and looking at empty beer cans, wine bottles, and tequila bottles. I called in sick for my job, went back to sleep, and then made a go back to the bar to get rid of the hangover.

The next day I woke up, went to work, and swore off alcohol. Well, driving home that night, I literally had to fight out loud with myself to stay sober. I was hard...I was in the grocery store, trying to convince myself why I could drink again that night. But I made it through. And did again the next night, and the next...and slowly the cloud cleared.

For newcomers who can't see how they can remain sober, trust me, you can. I Joined here in 2015, but took another full year of sober stints, and the most painful, dark, horrible drunk stints, before I finally accepted sobriety. And it is so much better.

This site has been amazing. But also sober recovery podcasts, and youtube videos, and documentaries. I read several books, the most important (to me) was The Naked Mind: Control Alcohol. That book gave me the tools to approach life with a different mind set. Then also exercise, meditation, a diet overhaul, and new friends.

I'm sober for a year. I've lost 55 pounds. Most importantly, I've begun to see that living a sober life is not boring, but infinitely more exciting, because I'm not chained down by the struggle of alcoholism.

Thanks to SR. This place is truly one of a kind.
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TNEK97- 1 year! That's wonderful! And what you posted is truly inspiring.

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Mac4711 (11-01-2017)
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Excellent job on the year👏
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Thank you for posting. Iím sitting here at work with a puffy face and feeling the lingering effects of my alcohol consumption last night. This is a very inspiring post to me. I know Iím going to have a very similar struggle quitting. Gives me encouragement that I will make it.
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DarklingSong (11-01-2017)
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Excellent choice work!! Congrats!!
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Congratulations!!! Great post well written.
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Congrats Tnek97 on one year! Well, written.
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wonderful!! congratulations and thank you for sharing your story of experience, strength and hope!

Keep it up, it just keeps getting better.

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Congrats on your first year, how inspiring! Quick question: what is the name of that awesome mountain in your avatar picture?
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Congratulations. Thanks for taking the time to post really does help those of us still unsure in our recovery.
Best wishes.
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Yayayayayayayayay!!!!! That is so exciting! I am so very happy and proud of you!

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Lovely post. Many congratulations on a year. You have worked hard and it has paid off. I agree a sober life is an exciting one. All best wishes to you for year two.
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Wow. What a terrific success story. Congratulations, tnek97. We are proud of you!
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Congrats on the first of many sober years! You are living proof that it can be done.
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Congratulations Tnek!

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Learning to live again
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A whole year! Tnek we're so happy for you. Things will just keep getting better.
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Congratulations on 1 year, tnek!

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Way to go, tnek97! That's super!
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Well done Teck. X
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