30 days tomorrow

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30 days tomorrow

Hi all,

Tomorrow will be 30 days for me and I'm really excited! I wanted to share that here. I don't really have anyone at the moment to share that with, but I know it's a big deal and I'm happy.

Overall I've felt great! No cravings for alcohol. Working out and eating healthy, my skin looks great, my eyes are clear and white, lots of energy. I think the best part is that I'm genuinely excited for what my new sober lifestyle holds for me.

Something I've noticed lately is that I'm very emotional. Mostly anger, impatience, anxiety. Definitely off and on for silly reasons. I've also noticed that I will go days with tons of energy, followed by days where I'm so exhausted I have no energy for anything. Typically that's associated with food cravings (greasy food, sweets, chocolate). It's very off and on. I'm becoming more familiar with it at this point, so I know it will pass. And I keep telling myself that no matter how I'm feeling, I'm not drinking, have no interest in it, and that's the most important thing. I'm trying to be kind to myself - particularly during these blah days (eat some chocolate, have some tea, go to bed early, and remind myself that tomorrow is a new day).

I will say - I'm currently dealing with that "blah" feeling right now (lots of not so great emotions, no energy, food cravings) which is a big bummer as I approach 30 days. Again, I know it will pass, and I know it's a huge achievement to feel proud of, I just wish I felt more energized and pumped up.

Anyway, thanks for reading. And thanks for all the support over the last few weeks. Reading the stories, advice, support, has been an amazing help and huge motivation.
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Hi & welcome runner and congrats on 30 days

yeah all that stuff is pretty normal - I found that things settled down to a consistency about 90 in...of course it may not be that long for you

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Congratulations on 30 days, Runner!

Keep being kind to yourself.

Listen to your body, it takes some time to heal.
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Yayaya, congratulations!!!!

I am on 37 days, and the exact same thing has been happening. Trust the process!!!
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Congratulations and thanks for posting
Feeling a bit low energy myself tonight

A good reminder of this process
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High five!
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Congrats on 30 days! That’s a huge accomplishment. Keep it up — you made the choice to stop drinking for a reason. Don’t let that reason escape you.

Here’s to your new, and hugely improved, sober life.
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Thanks everyone!
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Great Job Runner.
I can relate to your post about low energy and food cravings (sweets)
I'm day 66 and still have them, but the low energy part has gotten a lot better.
Keep it up, things will improve each and every day.
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