Boyfriend (baby's daddy) still drinks around me

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Boyfriend (baby's daddy) still drinks around me

We've talked about drinking being the main issue in our relatationship and I've tried to quit but he's constantly drinking around me. He will stop for a day or two but then it's full force again. I don't know how to make him stop. Every time he does, he uses a holiday or birthday as an excuse
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He has to want to quit. You can not force someone to stop drinking. If the relationship is toxic due to drinking, it may be hard, but maybe you leave? If not for you, think about the kids.
Just a suggestion of course. If I was with someone who was not supportive of my recovery and healthy, I would not want to be in that relationship.
I bet you will find a lot of great wisdom in this forum.
Best of luck
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It he doesn't live with you then tell him that you don't allow alcohol in the house. Don't keep any alcohol in the house. Dump out all the alcohol when you see it. Take control of your environment. Make him get the point that you will not tolerate any alcohol in your space.
You are going to get alot of support here at SR. But, it is up to you to take action and be affirmative in what you say and do. Put your foot down and be serious about how you want to live in your house.
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It's very unlikely that you will be able to make him stop drinking. That decision is something he will need to make for himself.

The best thing for you to do is to take care of yourself and your baby.
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